Meet Joy Thornhill

Peggy Rogers’ book “Foreign Flowers: An African Journey” landed in my hands about ten years ago at
one of my happy places, a thrift store. Rarely do we have such a clear and direct path to actually do
something with feelings we get after watching, listening, discussing or reading about something that
touches us, but her book provides a window into lives I could actually hear and see. This inspired me to
do the very easy part of being a monthly sponsor for Zambia’s Scholarship Fund. And I am just like you –
an American who cancels cable to save money, an elementary teacher, a parent worrying about how her
adult children will be able to afford to leave home when they’re ready, a voter with hopes for our
country, a latecomer to the best party Christian…Who I am as a person is not as important as how we
are all so similar. This group of people have identified and created a real way to reduce human suffering
and a path of hope and opportunity to young people. I believe that almost everyone will pay for and
play a small part to reduce human suffering if they personally are touched by it. Thank you for getting
that book in my hands.