Support Elementry Teachers

Strengthen an entire community by sending them a teacher.

All communities in Zambia want a school because they value education. Most communities sacrifice their meager resources in an attempt to build a school. However, not all schools have teachers because their government lacks resources to supply teachers to every school. We pay the salary of a teacher who lives in the community where they teach. Teachers often have over 200 students in their one-room schoolhouse.


Meet Saviour Mwape - Chikulu Basic School

"I lost my parents when I was in grade one. It was when I passed to secondary school and I had no one to look up to, the school introduced me to Tobias so that I can be helped by ZSF. I was sponsored from secondary school to the time that I did my primary school education at Northern College. After the completion of my courses ZSF posted me to Mbusa primary school. I am relocating to Mungwi at Chikulu primary upon the request of my sponsor seeing the need to help there. Am grateful ZSF has helped me and supported me since 2010 and I am ready to work and support ZSF as this is the only way to say thank you. May God bless you all. Chikulu Here I come!"