College & Trade School Scholarships

Create opportunities by giving a student a trade or college education.

Years ago the Zambian government decided to support colleges in every province. Colleges cost a fourth of what University does and in two years, qualified high school students can become elementary school teachers, nurses, mechanics, and so much more.

We support these schools with scholarships because they are an affordable way to give Zambians a chance at a career. But with very few sponsorship opportunities at these schools, we receive far more scholarship requests than we have been able to fill.

Many of our current scholarship recipients are for high school students in our program who are continuing their education. We also encourage our teacher's college graduates to become fund sponsored teachers in rural village schools, while they await employment by the government.

To date, we sponsor students at three teacher's colleges, two nursing colleges, and one trade school. Please consider donating here.

Meet Missive Chanda - Chilubi Nursing College

“I lost my mother in 2003 and my father in 2006. Am staying with my Aunty and she is a widow. After completing my secondary education I started selling half cakes, vegetables, tomatoes sometimes worked as a house helper in many people’s homes. Allow me to thank you for coming to my aid when at the time when I lost both of my parents and my guardian who was pushed out of employment, when I was accepted in grade ten. I thank God for his grace and mercy which allowed me to be adopted and put on list of those who have been benefiting from the Zambia Scholarship Fund.”