In 1999 we started helping at the Kasama Teachers college.

The Kasama Teacher's college is a two year teacher's college set up by the Zambian government to train qualified high school students to teach English in rural elementary schools.  Ten applications were sent to Peggy and she found ten sponsors!!

Yep ee! we were on our way!


See where we have gone from there . . .

Year Accomplishments Goals
2000 10 one-year college scholarships Gather yearly sponsors
2001 50 one-year college scholarships Include high school scholarships
2002 80 one-year college scholarships, 30 one-year scholarships to girls Visit Zambia once a year to check on students
2003 100 college scholarship, 60 high school scholarships Provide scholarships to boys who want to attend high school.
2004 120 college scholarships, 80 high school scholarships. Create an Adopt a School program, which offers jobs to teachers in rural community schools.
2005 80 college scholarships, 90 high school scholarships, 1 adopted school (Chabala village). Increase the Adopt a School program, ship a 40’ container of used textbooks to all schools on the program.
2006 76 college scholarships, 131 high school scholarships, 20 Adopted elementary schools, sent one 40’ container of used textbooks Increase current programs.
2007 121 college scholarships, 213 high school scholarships, 45 adopted schools, Sent one 40’ container of supplies to Zambia Donate one computer to each school in our program, Ten high schools and three teacher’s colleges, increase current programs
2008 104 college scholarships, 185 high school scholarships, 50 adopted schools, (2) 40’ containers of books, supplies, 13 computers monitors, printers, and software Check on computers, books and supplies, increase current program, purchase a used vehicle to deliver supplies to schools, hire 2 employees in Zambia, Set up an office in Kasama.
2009 110 college scholarships, 164 high school scholarships, 60 adopted schools, Sent one container of supplies, Purchased a Toyota Land Cruiser Set up an office in Kasama, Increase adopted schools, Take all board members to Zambia to visit all sponsored schools
2010 75 college scholarships, 229 high school scholarships, 67 adopted schools, Visited all schools & districts on program delivered 20 chalkboards, Delivered 62 Bicycles Purchase Bicycles for all our adopted schools, support a trade school, Cut back on College scholarships to add more adopted schools, Open 3 new branches of ZSF California, Washington DC and South Carolina, Send two containers of supplies
2011 70 adopted schools, 75 college teaching scholarships, 4 trade school students, 2 university scholarships, 230 high school scholarships, Sent one container of books, Opened up 3 new branches Provide first aid kits, hygiene kits, chalkboards, mattresses, etc. for “Adopt a School teaches”,Send one 40’ container of supplies and one container of books, Open a branch outside the USA, Add special needs school, Open a trade school & give micro loans to students who have entrepreneur ideas
2012 70 adopted Schools, 70 college students 4 trade school graduates,2 University graduates,228 high school students, Sent 2 containers of supplies Purchase vehicle, Build trade school, began a micro loan program, Get volunteers to give ideas, purchase sewing machines, wood working tools, computers
2013 70 adopted Schools,70 college students, 228 high school students,Purchased Toyota land cruiser Volunteers began teaching classes at the trade school


Visit all schools on our program twice, Purchase the Trade school from Joann, Start a micro loan program,Cut back two districts, Cut back 3 high schools and two colleges located too far away to monitor students
2014 56 college students, 180 high school students, 50 adopted schools,Visited all schools twice, Purchased and delivered  sewing machines, wood working tools, computers and new mattresses


Help more high school students, Keep volunteers going to Zambia,Give graduated students skills equipment,Help re-build falling down structures



2015 60 College students, 185 high school students, 50 adopted schools, rebuilt Kasama girls dorm roof, gave pots to chleshe Chipela, 55 recipient for micro funds, 100 computers to our schools Help Zambian entrepreneurs get a job,Keep volunteers from USA and UK going to Zambia,Build computer labs at all our high schools


2016 150 high school students, 75 college students, 45 adopted schools, 1 (4) year University student Help more entrepreneurs start a business of their own, Rebuild computer labs and dorms, New website
2017 245 high school students, 80 college students, 45 adopted schools, 80 micro fund recipients, built four classrooms at a rural secondary school, added a second meal to 60 orphanage children Send graduated high school students to local trade schools, Build class rooms for rural high schools, build an orphanage/school