In Northern Zambia poverty is abundant, opportunities are limited, and progression is stagnant. We provide Zambians a better now so that they can change the future.

We offer young adults scholarships that allow them to attend high school, college, and trade schools.
In the remote villages where there are no resources – we build schools and staff the teachers.
We help build the economy and jumpstart careers by funding entrepreneurs’ small businesses.
From providing chalkboards and desks to constructing new roofs – we help supply the basic needs.
With every child we send to school, the quality of education improves, and the country progresses.

Help us be a part of the change.

It takes a village to help a village.

Meet the woman who started it all and our devout team of volunteers
who have kept the organization operating for over 20 years.



What started as one small town woman’s big vision, ZSF has changed
the lives of thousands of Zambians over the past 20 years.

our volunteers


100% of every donation goes directly to Zambia thanks to the hard work and support of every volunteer, unpaid staff member, and private donor. We are so thankful for your support.

Our Story


Learn about the loving people that comprise this beautiful country, the challenges they encounter, and why our work here is so important.

How We Help

Empowering Zambians to improve their quality of life through education.

Elementary & High Schools

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Elementary Schools

Zambian's value education as much as you do, but have a shortage of teachers in elementary schools. We pay the salaries of elementary school teachers when their government funding cannot provide one. Read More...

High School

High school is not free in Zambia, so very few families can afford to send even one child to high school. We provide high school scholarships. Read more...

College and Trade Schools

We support education after grade school with scholarships to teachers' college, trade school, and nursing college. Read More...

Funding Small Businesses

For those who wish to start a business, we fund entrepreneurs and their small businesses. Read More...

College & Careers

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Developmental Projects

Witnessing firsthand the most pressing needs of our schools and communities, we supply everything from books, desks, and chalk boards to solar panels, meals, and new schools. Check out our current projects


Adopt a School

We are building high schools closer to students home in the bush giving more students access to education. Read More...

Where we Work

Public Documents

Our core values include Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or needs pertaining to our public documents.