Our Board of Directors

President & Founder

Peggy Rogers first traveled to Zambia in 1999. She would like to thank everyone who made this organization what it is today and that it is still going strong after twenty years!!

Vice President

Jim Boud has been with us since 2009.  He has helped in countless ways.  He leads a team to Zambia for charitable work every other year.  He is in charge of raising the money for and building the orphanage and a two-bedroom school on the orphanage grounds.  He will be going to Zambia in early 2020 to accomplish that.  If you are interested in going to Zambia on a charitable trip contact Jim at jrboud@jimboud.com


Barbara Sims has been with us since 2011, we finally got her to travel to Zambia last year, she has been hooked for years but now she is over the top.


Sandy Jensen has been with us since 2005. She went to Zambia in March of 2017. She is amazed at how the fund has  grown since she first got involved.  

Board Member

John Barlow has been a sponsor for ten years, we are going to get him to go to Zambia if its the last thing we do!

Board Member

Stephanie Eggli  is the newest member of our team. She is over our social media, she attended one of our meetings and she was hooked!

Board Member

Terri Jensen came on board in 2012, after being a sponsor for 15 years, she is grateful for the terrific opportunity to lend her support to this great cause.

Board Member

Kelly Wood made cinnamon rolls for her daughter to sponsor a student in 1st grade, her daughter is now in College.

Board Member

Yuliya Love Lynch came on board in 2014, when she moved to Utah she is our first international board member, we are excited to have her.

Our School Representatives

St Mary's Teachers' College

Sherry Christensen has been a sponsor for 15 years, she wants to go to Zambia soon, health permitting, shes a great school rep.

Kasama Teachers' College

Audrey Slade has been a sponsor for 18 years she is happy to assist as one of our great school reps!

Northern Teachers' College

Hope Olsen has been a volunteer for ZSF for 10 years. She loves to read each story of the young men & women who are applying.

Mulubulu "Bush" High School

Randy and Shelly Brown fell in love with the Zambian people on their first visit to Zambia, they have been back twice!

Ngoli "Bush" High School

Mick and Kate James from Scottland wanted to help in Zambia after cycling through on their way from Kenya to Zimbabwe on a tandem bike!

Mulengu "Bush" High School

Rosemary Jensen first traveled to Zambia in 2013 she has been activily involved ever since.

Chishimba "Bush" High School

Sue Brockbank is a retired teacher, she thinks it is a pleasure to support ZSF.

Lakashi Trade School

Jacob McLaws is a designer at Google in Mountain View, California. He helped make our very first DVD in 2009 after traveling to Zambia.

Elementary Schools

Maggie Skroski was connected with ZSF through our California Branch in 2010 and has been involved ever since.

Elementary Schools

Cam Hess is a computer specialist in Southern California. He says reading Heart to Heart changed his life.

Kasama Girls' High School

We are currently looking for a rep for Kasama Girls’ High School.

Kasama Boys' High School

Bari Olson owns Peggy’s books, videos, etc., and has given many away. It is an honor to serve alongside ZSF’s finest!

Mungwi High School

Richard Tanner lives and operates from the UK. He was a teacher at Mungwi high fifty years ago and vowed when he was in a position in life that he could help he would and he does!!

Ituna High School

Sandy Jensen has been with us since 2005. She went to Zambia in March of 2017. She is amazed at how the fund has  grown since she first got involved.  

Cheleshe Chepela

Karen Haslem is our school rep at the handicapped school. These students are amazing many have gone on to become teachers.

Our Active Volunteers


Scott Rogers (like everyone else on our team) volunteers countless hours keeping this huge organization running smoothly.

Media Specialists

Darin and Trista Andersen are amazing they are our go to for everything tech.

Newsletter Designer

Tena Allen came on board a few years ago and has now polished her skills and does a wonderful quarterly newsletter

Solar Projects and Artistic Designer

AJ Directs our Solar Projects and Halee Directs our Graphic Design.

Zambian Board of Directors

Christopher Chabinga is currently a lecturer at Kasama teachers college in Zambia. ZSF has worked with Christopher and Kasama teachers college since its beginning in 2000.

Francis Mulenga is the Pastor of the Church of Hope Assembly in Zambia & a member of ZSF over site committee in Zambia. He is from the tiny village of Njakuki. He over sees the financial reports.

Accountant in Zambia

Kelvin Chundu has worked for ZSF for 5 years. He Blesses our lives daily. We dont know how we could do our work in Zambia without him and Tobias

Program Director Zambia

Tobias Mangani joined the ZSF team as the program director in Zambia in March of 2010. He is patient and kind, a delight to work with.