"Adopt A School"

Keep over 400 students in class by restoring or constructing a school.

bush school

Many villages do not have adequate schools. Children are gathering for school under trees, or in over crowded dilapidated structures. This causes a lack of pride for teachers and Students, thus school can not be taken seriously. Nice schools (such as room and board schools) are located too far away and families cannot afford to pay the weekly boarding fees. Help an entire village receive an education by building a school closer to their home.

Support the Children's Learning Center (CLC) - Orphanage

Provide a safe environment for children without a home.

developmental orphanange

In Kasama, children of all ages have no where to call home so an orphanage was created. There was a prior orphanage in disrepair and did not have enough room or supplies to accommodate the amount of children in need. In 2020-2022 many ZSF donors supported the building of the Children's Learning Center (CLC), and now we need help sponsoring it's students.