Become A Sponsor

Become a sponsor and make a personal connection.


We receive far more applications than can be filled. There are hundreds of bright students and eager professionals waiting for sponsorship. Personal sponsorship is powerful encouragement for students to keep going. We support teachers in elementary schools, students in high school, college, trade school, and we support entrepreneurs.

Developmental Projects

Improving the infrastructure improves the quality of education, the economy, and personal lives.


Witnessing firsthand the most pressing needs of our schools and communities, we supply everything from books, desks, and chalk boards to solar panels, meals, and new schools. Adopt a school, rebuild what is in disrepair or start from scratch, and you adopt the whole community!

School-To-School Program

When students here connect with students in Zambia, everyone benefits.

School to school

ZSF is starting an exciting new program that seeks to connect students in Zambia with like-aged students in the United States. The vision for the program is to create partnerships between schools in the U.S. and schools in Zambia by extending our existing Sponsor-A-Teacher program. We believe that this initiative has the potential to be life-changing for both U.S. and Zambian students as they learn about each other's cultures and foster relationships.


Whether you work hands-on or behind-the-scenes, there is a way you can help too.

Volunteer in zambia

Get out and Travel to Zambia, hold a fundraiser, present at work or in your community or stay in and work from your computer writing grants or represent one of our Zambian schools. We have many volunteers, prepared materials, and personal support to help you make a difference.