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Elementary & High School

Impact a community. Place a teacher in a rural school, send a student to high school, or build a school in an undeveloped area.
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College & Careers

Build the economy. Send a student to college, launch an entrepreneur’s career, or help a citizen learn a trade.
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Developmental Projects

Donate a meal, supply electricity to a teacher, build an orphanage or a school  – assist in any way you can.
ZSF operates under a completely volunteer system. Board members pay all fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes to benefit Zambians.









Need of the month . . .
As you can imagine the ZSF office in Kasama is constantly flooded with requests for help but this is one we feel we must help . . .
Nancy Fumba was attending the ZAMBIA ROYAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY when she reached her last year, suddenly her father died and her mother is so poor that she can't help her, she only has a balance of k7,000 standing in the way of her completing and getting a degree
Lets help her. Go to our donation page and hit general donation if you wish to help Nancy get her degree!!
thank you

Christabel Nakazwe

Give the Gift of a High School Education

It’s hard to believe that for just ten dollars a month you could send a student living in the bush to high school for a year.
It is equally as hard to believe that without that ten dollars this student will not be able to go to highschool.
It’s that easy to change a life. Just go to our donate page and hit general donation ten dollars per month.
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Give Someone a Job

Micro grants are not micro loans!
It’s hard to believe that in the Northern Province of Zambia, 88 percent of people do not have a steady income.
For as little as thirty dollars per month you can provide a bright young entrepreneur with the tools they need to make a job for themselves.
Go ahead change a life.
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Pay a Teacher's Salary

What is a school without a teacher?
65% of Zambians are living in the bush without running water or electricity,
in these rural areas there are tiny village schools but they are schools without teachers.
For just one hundred dollars per month you can pay a teachers salary to go into the bush and teach children English.
The only language that will change a subsistence farmers life.

Our Story

What started as one small town woman’s big vision, ZSF has changed
the lives of thousands of Zambians over the past 20 years.

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