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Elementary & High School

Impact a community. Place a teacher in a rural school, send a student to high school, or build a school in an undeveloped area.
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College & Careers

Build the economy. Send a student to college, launch an entrepreneur’s career, or help a citizen learn a trade.
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Developmental Projects

Donate a meal, supply electricity to a teacher, build an orphanage or a school  – assist in any way you can.
ZSF operates under a completely volunteer system. No one working in the US is paid. 100% of your donation goes to benefit Zambians.









What's Happening Right Now


Lukashya Trade School

With last year’s general donations, we have added 24 students from Lukashi Trade school to our list. Our new students were excited to start their trade education, but it was postponed due to Covid 19. With the recent reopening of schools in Northern Province, our students are eager to be in the classroom.   Become one of the 24 sponsors needed to help these students continue their education next year.

Building an Orphanage

This orphahnage is a safe and secure place for orphans & local children to live & attend school. Footings have been placed, the well has been dug, the walls are going up. There is still much more to be done. With your help we can add ceiling fans, indoor plumbing, and a sustainable farm.
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Building Chawama Village School

Chawama school, the first this village has ever had, is under construction!  Bush schools allow children to go to school in their own rural communities so they don’t have to support themselves away from home at a boarding school.  We now have 6 more schools waiting to be built for communities in need.  Adopt one of these schools and be a community’s hero!

Our Story

What started as one small town woman’s big vision, ZSF has changed
the lives of thousands of Zambians over the past 20 years.

Our New Documentary

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