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Elementary & High School

Impact a community. Place a teacher in a rural school, send a student to high school, or build a school in an undeveloped area.
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College & Careers

Build the economy. Send a student to college, launch an entrepreneur’s career, or help a citizen learn a trade.
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Developmental Projects

Donate a meal, supply electricity to a teacher, build an orphanage or a school  – assist in any way you can.
ZSF operates under a completely volunteer system. No one working in the US is paid. 100% of your donation goes to benefit Zambians.










Christabel Nakazwe

Record Number of Students

Thank you from our students and teachers!
We are excited that we were able to support a record number of students this year. We hope even through these hard times we can keep this up in 2021. To all of our students and sponsors: please pray that we can keep all of our students and teachers in School next year.
Love to you all
your ZSF staff
sewing machines

Starting Micro Grants

Micro grants are not micro loans!
ZSF gives thanks to the foundations that gave to our micro grant program.  ZSF feels that such poor people can not give any money back from the small income they receive just to feed their families. Thus micro grants; all that we expect is if they do become successful they will share their experience & knowledge with others.
Bless this great program!!

After the Chikulu Flood

Thank you from Chikulu Village!
Thanks the generous support of the ZSF sponsors who rushed in to help when they heard about communities like Chikulu village in need.  This year we were able to start the construction of 5 new schools in the bush. They will need much more help but now they have a roof over their heads!

Our Story

What started as one small town woman’s big vision, ZSF has changed
the lives of thousands of Zambians over the past 20 years.

Our New Documentary

Coming Soon!