Peggy Rogers

Zambia's Scholarship Fund Founder and President

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Heart to Heart Worlds Apart is a tribute to friendship. Leaving the United States for the first time, Peggy will learn just what her life’s mission is when she embarks on a quest through the African continent to find the homeland of a friend.

Foreign Flowers is the story of an ambitious undertaking by people just like you and me. Transporting 20 tons of books to the heart of Africa is bound to be an adventure. Learn the value of determination and be inspired by one woman!

Anna’s Kitchen Table is a memoir and a tribute to all the people who make you and your family who you are. The people you invite to sit at you table and stay in your heart. Follow “Anna” as she travels the world and invites the world back home again!

Foreign Flowers a

Foreign FLowers

I will never forget that tiny library; there was a line of students standing outside. I could see that the person at the front of the line was balancing a book with one hand and writing with the other. When he finished, he handed the book to the person behind him. Astonished I asked, “Don’t the students have their own books?” “Oh no Madame! There are not enough books. Books never leave the library.”

Wow! Ever Since first grade I was given a book for every subject, then every few years we got new books. Yet, these college students stood in line for hours. The thought of textbooks being more precious than gold made me undertake a quest to deliver twenty tons of textbooks to Zambia. Join me on this challenging journey and feel the African people bloom in your heart.

This is the story of the people who made my journey a success, the foreign flowers in a global bouquet.