Sponsor An Elementary School Teacher

Support a community by sending them a teacher.

elementary 3

Many schools, especially out in the bush, are without teachers because the Zambian government lacks funding. With our Teacher Sponsorship program, we pay the salary of a teacher and provide them a place to live in the community where they teach.

High School Scholarships

Give a child a meaningful future by sending them to school.

High School Girls

High schools are typically boarding schools and many families cannot afford the annual fees. With little government assistance available, many children miss out on an education. For just $25 dollars a month you can send a student to highschool.

College & Trade School Scholarships

Give the gift of opportunity with advanced education.

college 2

Qualified high school students can enroll in a University or Trade School where they can become teachers, nurses, mechanics, and more. By furthering the education of these students you not only give them a future but help their communities progress.

Small Business Startups

Fuel the ideas that lead to progress.

Copy of Diana Simukoko Restaurant

Zambians are incredibly innovative but many lack the funds to turn their ideas into a business. To help create sustainable jobs we offer microfunds to entrepreneurs to pay for the equipment and supplies they need to start their own business.