Small Business Startups

Create sustainable jobs by supporting budding entrepreneurs.

In Zambia, there are few to no job opportunities available to citizens, even those who have completed a trade or a higher education. To help create sustainable jobs for the community and help those not fortunate enough to receive a formal education, Zambia Scholarship Fund has created a micro-fund program. This program invites budding entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business to fill out an application form detailing their vision to our Zambian office. Approved applicants will receive the tools, equipment, and supplies needed to kickstart their careers.

Currently, we sponsor 50 small businesses each year but we receive far more applicants than we can support.

The program has been proven widely successful as one in four scholarship recipients have created lasting jobs that are sustaining their families.

In addition to financial support, entrepreneurs can use your innovative job ideas.

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Meet Beatrice Bwembya

When Beatrice Bwembya applied three years ago to start a sewing business, it was clear some accommodations would have to be made. Most tailors in Zambia use a treadle sewing machine because it can be powered without electricity, but it has to be pumped by foot. The treadle sewing machine she received from ZSF had to be modified so it could be pumped by hand. Despite her handicap, Beatrice is now a tailor, she makes school uniforms and jerseys for the children going to school. She has even managed to build a small house for her and her family.