When you adopt a school you keep 400 or more kids in school, empower a community, and relieve overcrowding in boarding schools!

In the rural areas of Zambia, many children meet under trees or in dilapidated over crowded structures with all ages meeting in one building. These children can not afford a boarding school education. Even in town there are overcrowded and understaffed buildings usually functioning without running water, toilets or electricity. It is a hardship for a family to send a member away to a boarding school when that person could be working the field or selling vegetables.

Having a school closer to home, means less crowding in the boarding schools, students are more inclined to stay in school when they can still help at home, and bush schools don’t cost money (students contribute what they can in produce, charcoal, chickens, etc.). All communities would love a school like this, unfortunately almost all cannot afford to build one.

Help a community build a school or refurbish one click here! You can pay for all building materials, as well as furnish it with all the essentials!

We have built 4 such structure’s, 4 more are under construction and 4 are on a waiting list!

Schools like Chikulu are in need of improvements or entirely new structures.