Zambians Scholarship Fund donate Soccer Balls in Schools

Football is capable of playing a vital role in the education system and acting as a “school of life”. Evidence published by the United Nations in 2003 demonstrates that young people who spend five hours doing exercise per week tend to perform better academically than those who are active for less than an hour.
Football can produce a range of other benefits, including, but not limited to, the following:
– Bringing different groups of people together and bridging divides (social cohesion)
– Providing employment and contributing to the economy
– Promoting youth development .
– empowering young people to develop skills and capabilities
– Providing opportunities for girls and women and challenging gender Stereotypes
Zambians Scholarship has donated Soccer Balls in some schools and pupils are so grateful for the gift.
“Thanks Zambia Scholarship Fund for the ball,God bless you!!”
Said Chaisa primary school Pupils
Posted by:
Evans Mulenga
Zambian Chair of Social Media and Technology