Chafwa Science and Home management Lab progress

The progress of the construction of both the science lab and Home Management lab at Chafwa Day Secondary School in Kasama district reaching the ring beam stage is a significant achievement.


The communities’ excitement about the development demonstrates their recognition of the value these labs will bring to the school and the students.

The science lab will provide a dedicated space for hands-on experiments, scientific exploration, and practical learning.

it will enable students to enhance their understanding of scientific concepts and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Similarly, the Home Management lab will offer students the opportunity to learn essential life skills related to cooking, nutrition, child care, and other aspects of home management.

The progress of the construction reaching the ring beam stage indicates that the labs are one step closer to completion.


The enthusiasm within the communities reflects the anticipation for these facilities to be fully functional and to benefit the students and the wider community.

This development showcases a commitment to providing quality education and practical learning experiences to the students at Chafwa Day Secondary School.

Congratulations to the hard-working community and all those involved in making this project possible, and may the completion of the labs bring immense value and opportunities for growth to the students and the community as a whole.