Chibile primary School 1×3 Class Room Block


This is Chibile primary school in Northern province Mungwi district.
It runs from grade 1 to grade 9 with an additional class for special unit class (learners with disabilities).
  • The school was established in 1980s but up to now it only has 2 classrooms, a 1×2 and a 1×3. This school has now an enrolment of 800 pupils against 5 Rooms. Some classes have their lessons under the trees and this becomes practically impossible during the rain seasons to have successful lessons.
  • The school is surrounded by more than 7 big villages and these are

– Kananda

– Muceleka

– Kanuma

– James


-Mungwi River


The school has no tap water and it has only 3 old Toilets for 800 pupils!