Molwani primary school 1x 3 Classroom as Reached an Advanced stage

The construction of a 1×3 classroom block at Molwani as reached an Advance stage only painting out side is remaining .

Construction of a classroom block in a rural area like Molwani will bring several advantages to the community. Here are some potential benefits:

  1. Increased access to education: The new classroom block at Molwani primary  will provides additional space for students to learn, which can help accommodate a larger number of students and reduce overcrowding in existing classrooms. This, in turn, improves access to education and creates a conducive learning environment.
  2. Enhanced quality of education: With a dedicated classroom block, teachers  will have a better environment to deliver their lessons effectively. It allows for improved organization and management of classroom activities, leading to enhanced teaching and learning outcomes.
  3. Community development: The construction project itself  has contributed to the local economy by providing employment opportunities during the construction phase. Additionally, having a well-constructed classroom block will attract attention and resources to the area, potentially leading to further development initiatives in the community.
  4. Empowerment and social cohesion: Access to education empowers individuals and communities by providing knowledge and skills necessary for personal and economic growth. By having a classroom block in their community, residents can take pride in their educational infrastructure and foster a sense of unity and collaboration.
  5. Improved infrastructure: The construction of a classroom block signifies an improvement in infrastructure within the rural area. This can encourage further investment in the community, such as the provision of electricity, water supply, and other essential services.
  6. Potential for multi-purpose use: Depending on the design and layout of the classroom block, it can serve as a versatile space for various community activities beyond regular schooling. It could be used for adult education programs, community meetings, health awareness campaigns, or vocational training, expanding its impact beyond formal education.

Overall, the construction of a classroom block in a rural area brings numerous advantages by promoting education, community development, empowerment, and improved infrastructure.



Posted by:
Evans Mulenga
Zambian Chair of Social Media and Technology