Bush High School Student at Home

High schools in Zambia follow the British model that became the norm, boarding schools with uniforms.  Unfortunately this model doesn’t serve most of Northern Province.  Most schools are in town which means kids have to leave home in the villages and travel long distances to town, where they must come up with money for fees, uniforms, and food.  These schools are becoming overcrowded and unsanitary.  Many students end up needing to leave school to return home and help out family members. 

We are excited to support the trend towards village high schools! That means students may travel less, be home more, bring their food, and help the family.  This could help relieve the problem of overcrowding in city schools.  The best part is that the schools can be funded by village donations of millet, corn, whatever they can contribute. No more huge school fees and uniforms. 

Students living in bush village walk to school Monday morning with their food and cooking charcoal for the week.  The school, built from bricks made by the community with a concrete floor and tin roof,  has 4 large rooms for science, math, reading, and English.  They cook at the school, and can sleep inside if it rains. Friday they walk home, which can be hours away because the school serves a large community.  At home they can work the family farm and attend to duties that would otherwise keep them from attending school.