A classroom block donation by ZSF brings smiles and hope to a Zambian rural community.

Zambia Scholarship Fund, or ZSF’s, construction and donation of a one-by-three classroom block has ignited smiles and hope to a Zambian  remote community of Chibeka Village, some 850 kilometers north of the country’s capital, Lusaka.

Speaking during the handover ceremony held Thursday 26th January, 2023; local traditional leader, Benson Chibeka, straight away thanked ZSF for the gift which he said is much more important to his village and surrounding communities as it has given a smile and hope for a bright future through the envisaged education that local children will acquire from the facility.

Mr. Chibeka stressed that this modern school facility courtesy of ZSF will certainly boost the motivation of children and their teachers, noting that the old and dilapidated structure is not safe for habitation.

“This school facility is certainly a breath of fresh air that will boost the motivation of our school going children and their teachers” headman Chibeka exclaimed enthusiastically.


Chibeka Village, like everywhere else in rural Zambia, faces a shortage of classroom space. But with ZSF’s footprints in the country, precisely in the Northern Province, the narrative is improving as ZSF has built over twenty (20) classrooms and pledges to build more whenever funding is available through its generous donors from the United States of America.