Zambia’s Scholarship Fund Newsletter – February 2024

Hi Folks,
This is Howard Burkholz. I am the new newsletter specialist. Sorry about sending this twice; but, Peggy let me know the first time she had to scroll to be able to read it all – so I fixed that. She wanted me to mention that the children in this picture are giving ZSF volunteer, Musoka Kazenene, a warm welcome.
Thanks for your patience with me.

School has started!!

Yea!! They are up & running!! For the past month a cholera outbreak swept across Zambia. School children& teachers waited 3 weeks for school to start. Welcome back kids!!

News from our teachers

If you’ve been reading about current situations in Zambia, please keep in mind that these numbers are coming from the capitol city, Lusaka, located in the southern province. ZSF helps in the Northern Province where it seems that government funds just don’t quite reach. Inflation has made purchasing basic needs almost impossible. Last year a Kg 50 bag of corn sold at k150 but this year it is at k335. As we planned our 2024 budget we struggled with the idea of helping more teachers or giving our current teachers a raise. It’s so hard when the needs are more than what we can realistically do. Thanks to the suggestions of our Zambian team we gave all 50 teachers a raise along with a portable solar panel (that will give them a light bulb & charge their cell phones) & made sure they all have a bicycle (so they can come to town to pick up their salaries)

God bless our teachers!!

So far this year 3 ZSF teachers were given employment by the Zambian government that means they will double their salary!! ZSF wants to thank & congratulate: Noreen Mukutu (who joined ZSF’s team of teachers in 2015, Lawrence Kaponda (who joined in 2018, & Mary Katongo (who joined in 2022.

What a positive impact you make on the students of Zambia.

News from Our High Schools

Wow what will happen? As you may have heard the Zambian government announced that secondary school will now be available to all students (no more school fees to be paid) In the northern province this has been extremely hard on our high schools. This means over crowing (there are simply not enough high schools to hold all the students) shortage of teachers (teachers are forced to have as many as 60 to 90 students in an extremely small class room & extreme lack of school supplies.

Not to mention that not all students can afford a uniform. Yes, they need our help more than ever!! The students school fees used to pay for such supplies as pencils, paper, copy machines and even books. We will definitely continue to support our 11 secondary schools.
Thank you !!

News from our Colleges

For some reason thank you’s are pouring in right now, we simply can’t put all of them in our newsletter but here are a few from our graduated college students who now have a job.

“I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. My name is Simwinga George aged 23years old, and I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the scholarship program you established. As a recipient of this program, I have experienced incredible personal and academic growth, and I am not alone in this sentiment. My fellow Zambian beneficiaries also join me in extending our deepest appreciation.”

“Fewdays Katongo: I am doing fine because of you, my family (wife and 4 children) are happy because you sponsored my education. I am now a secondary school teacher and head of social sciences at Kapongolo day secondary school.”

Thanks to sponsor Karen Wilcox, who sponsored Vivien Chitubila for three years at the Kasama High School, then, Vivien contacted Karen in 2019 because she wanted to go to NIPA in Lusaka. Karen agreed and Vivien has just finished her studies in December of 2023.”She is finally done and has grown up & is ready to tackle life.

I am Alex from a family of five boys & three girls. I am the first person in family to reach College and graduate. To Sandy Jensen & ZSF I’m forever grateful. My young brother Richard finished secondary school but is still in village finding funds for college.

This year ZSF increased their nursing program & their teachers college program substantially.
Thank you

Jennifer Mulenga and a plea for help

At the end of budget time there are always more pleas, I know ZSF sponsors & friends are really good to add one more to our program, this is the story with Jennifer. She came into our office after we had finished our budget seeking help at Lukupa college of nursing where she was accepted. Jennifer has no one to pay her fees but our team in Zambia assures us if we help her she is the oldest child in a large family and she will be able to help all of her siblings if she can just graduate.

Furthermore, the scholarship program fosters a strong sense of camaraderie among the beneficiaries. We have formed a tight-knit community, supporting & encouraging one another along our educational journeys. It is truly inspiring to witness the positive impact that your program has had not only on individuals but also on the collective spirit of the Zambian youth.

News From our Elementary Schools

Because of your generosity last year we were able to increased our ‘adopt a school program’, we are building more schools, building more desks and providing teachers to our newly built schools.
News from our Micro grant program
Last year we helped more than 20 entrepreneurs with the tools they needed to start their own business. This year we hope to double that amount. In an area of the world where unemployment is around 80 percent this is substantial. Thank you!
Your commitment to empowering Zambian students has transformed lives. You have opened doors for us that were once closed, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Your generosity has ignited a flame within us, inspiring us to strive for excellence and make a meaningful contribution to our communities and the world at large.

Once again, on behalf of ALL of us we extend our sincerest appreciation for your scholarship program. Your unwavering support has made a profound difference in our lives, and we will forever be indebted to you for this incredible opportunity.

With utmost gratitude . . .

On the home front watch for upcoming news of our twenty fifth Anniversary!!!!

You are their future!

Thank you!