Saviour Mwape on left, Tobias Mangani right.

From hopes fast fading, to making his way in the world with educational support from ZSF: Saviour Mwape, tells his life story.

For many Zambian children, especially those from families facing acute poverty, nothing is more important for them to build a successful life than to get an education – a fact they know too well that education is the greatest social equalizer for anyone irrespective of their family background.

Well, meet Saviour Mwape, a 29-year-old Zambian born in a poor family and whose life sunk even deeper when he lost his parents when he was just 7 old years, but against all odds, he triumphed and is now a headteacher at Muteema Primary School in Mungwi District, some 980 Kilometers north of the country’s capital, Lusaka, all thanks to a ten-year secondary school and tertiary education fully sponsored by Zambia’s Scholarship Fund, or ZSF.


Born in a family of five on 11th March, 1994; Saviour Mwape, who interestingly is not just the youngest of the siblings, but is currently the youngest public school headteacher in the district and probably the whole country, narrates that he lived a life of poverty and hopes were fast fading each day that came as he did not see himself getting an education and subsequently a brighter future.


“…l suffered a lot in my childhood years, especially when my parents died. Dad died when l was just 2-years-old and mum when l was 7 and in Grade one. My three elder siblings and l were taken-in by our eldest brother who was not financially stable at that time” said Saviour Mwape.

Unlike now – since 2022, where education from early-childhood to secondary school level is given for free, both tuition and exam fees, all thanks to the Zambian government’s re-introduction of the free education policy. Sadly, that was not the case before and particularly in 2008 when one promising ‘young boy’ from a vulnerable family, Saviour Mwape, made it to junior secondary for his Grade 8 and 9 at a reputable public boarding school, Mungwi Technical, but could not be admitted due to lack of tuition fees. Instead, he opted to attend Chifwani Basic School that offered relatively afford.



Posted by:
Evans Mulenga
Zambian Chair of Social Media and Technology