Lwabwe School 1×2

This Lwabwe Primary School was absolutely run-down and considered unsafe for habitation and this state of affairs indirectly denied the children basic education.

When it rained, children who attended this school would get wet and the dilapidated floor would turn muddy, sadly becoming a healthy and Safety concern.

However, as fortune would have it, today, courtesy of your breathtaking funding, Lwabwe village and surrounding areas can boast of having a modern one by two classroom block at its school which has since been equipped with new furniture/desks that is providing children with a conducive learning environment, which was otherwise, a mere desire in the past.

It was heart touching and tear dropping to see students at Lwabwe school exposed to too much sunshine, cold or rain during learning hours, since they were held under a tree as shown below in one of the pictures, we captured during one of our visits to the school.

Check out this picture of how students at Lwabwe Primary School were learning before we built a decent structure from the money you provided.

Students at Lwabwe Primary School learning under a tree

You can attest from the above picture that the situation at Lwabwe Primary School was indeed heart touching and tear dropping.


And here’s how it (Lwabwe Primary School) looks now after your timely generous intervention!