Chikulu Primary 1×3 Classroom Block

  • Chikulu Primary
  • School Size: 1×3 Classroom block
  • total number of Students: ~400
  • Teachers: 1 ZSF + 4 Government
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: ~80
  • Grades: 1 to 7 before project, 1 to 9 after project
  • Water Access: river/unclean (opportunity for future project for well bore hole)
  • Sanitation / Latrines: 3
  • Project Start Date: 15 August 2020
  • Project Completion Date: 10 April 2021
  • Project Total Cost:  $9,180 (127,110 1×3 exterior +19,075 complete cement,desks/interior = 146,185 Zambian Kwacha)
  • Map Link: Click here for ZSF Google MyMaps Location of Chikulu


Below is a letter of appreciation from the Chikulu Community and School Headmaster:


We (chikulu community) are indebted to Zambia scholarship fund (ZSF)
and AJ for the support we have received. The support we have received
has enabled us to upgrade the school from grade 7 to grade 9.We have
been given an examination center number for grade 7 and pupils are
now writing their examination from their homes. In the past our pupils
used to walk from Chikulu to Chisali with a distance of 24 kilometers
(14.9 miles), camping there for a week with food and accommodation.
It now the thing of the past.
We are very much grateful for the support we have received from you.
We will make sure that the infrastructure developments that Chikulu
has received are guarded jealously.
We understand that capital projects are costly and there are some
communities in need of ZSF help, we have sat with the community and
come up with simple and revised budget for the construction of health
post, accommodation for the health worker as our first priority and
quotations for the sinking of a bore as our second priority. We have

done this because consideration may be done in future if Chikulu
community will still find favor in ZSF and you our lovely sponsor and
brother. We thank you most sincerely for your companionship and love
for the Chikulu community which was amongst the marginalized
communities. We thank you for understanding and trusting us since
2018 when you visited Chikulu to date.
May the almighty GOD bless you!

We have received the following from 2018 to date;
1. Solar power was installed in 2018.
2. The 1×2 classroom block was rehabilitated in 2019.
3. ZSF has been supporting Chikulu community by paying teachers
who offer education services to pupils and the community at