Life at Boarding School

There aren’t enough high schools in Zambia for all students who qualify to attend, many of these are boarding schools which can accommodate only a select few of the great number who wish to attend.  Boarding schools have high fees which make them unattainable for most Zambian students.

Build in the 1950s by the British, these schools have had little money for upgrades since independence in the 60’s. Dorms are; windows without panes and narrow bunks, mostly without mattresses, toilets and showers with no water, the plumbing is shot, outhouses for hundreds of students.  Kitchens are usually open-fire fed ovens, no electricity, and cafeterias without tables. Student sponsorship through school fees and donations to special projects help improve the living conditions for everyone.

Without access to updated books or books enough for everyone in general, teaching materials in short supply, and libraries that cannot check out books because there are not enough, the learning environment of these schools makes it hard for students to reach western standards of education.  Despite these setbacks, Zambian students are proud to be able to attend.  They know how fortunate they are to have an education.  An education that often means a better life for their entire family.  They sing and dance and laugh and smile because they savor every ounce of their education.  They have drive and a work hard so they might have an opportunity at a career or further education which they definitely deserve.