Being successful is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. It does not matter whether the concerned person is a child, youth or the old aged, at each and every stage of our wide life span, it is our inbuilt desire to be successful and proceed forward consistently towards more massive success.

Below is the story of one of ZSF beneficially


“IAM Geoffrey Mukwala,34 years of age, married to my beautiful wife Chitimba with whom God almighty has blessed us with two girls and two boys(4Kids), Emet, Emunah, Zachariah and Shekinah.

We are also taking care of Humphrey Katongo, an ex beneficiary of ZSF Scholarship who just graduated last year with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology last year, who is hunting for a Job in his line of field.


IAM a Pastor, pastoring a small church in one of the communities in Ndola called Nkwazi in the copperbelt province of Zambia, boarder with DRC Congo.

I joined ZSF in 2012 where I served as Adopt a School program director and also as a College Scholarship Director from 2012 to 2016.

During those years I really enjoyed the work as it resonates so well with what I believe and stand for in terms of helping the need and being an answer to those in need for as long  as I have what it takes to help them. I have a principal in my life that when Iam approached by someone in need, i have to respond to the need for as long as I have, if I don’t I will talk to someone I know who has the capacity and if there is non the I will present it to our heavenly father . I believe we are God’s hands to extend the help to the next person in need. That passion has always been with me and my wife so our home has been opened to the need even in the little we have had.


ZSF Has really helped my family by first sponsoring my wife to college where she studied home economics as a teacher. She graduated in 2018 and awaiting government deployment.

I left ZSF in 2016 after I answered the Lord’s call to serve in Copperbelt as a full-time minister, and because of the passion to serve the need , we started a charity in 2021 ( Christian Acts Foundation) or Cacts foundation.

Since then we’ve had 3 beneficiaries;

  1. Clara :Special student ( Albino) . She is now a graduate Teacher who is volunteering at Lion’s School for the visually impaired. She’s transcribing the school notes into braille as the school lacks computers to do that for the visually impaired. Clara graduated this year.
  2. Donald: He’s a visually impaired student doing his senior secondary school. He is in grace 11.
  3. Caristo. He’s a young man helping the charity in book keeping, and we thought to take him to university so he becomes self sustainable. He is in his third year doing His Bachelors in Education with theology. He is in his third year completing his program next year.

with the availability of funds we hope to increase on the number of those we can help even next year.


As a charity we have a passion of giving an education to the less privileged in our communities and as such my biggest role is to raise funds for that to become a reality always. We are thankful to ZSF as they have continued to help us, even helping us with funds to acquire land( 40*30 mtrs plot) in a prime area where we’ve put a simple house to accommodate us, relieving us from paying rentals on a monthly basis which was a big challenge for us. It’s now in the past. The essence of us getting this piece of land is to put up a good house that shall become a home for some street kids.We are still in the process of putting things in place so as to make that a reality. The community IAM pastoring in, is one with so much poverty and drug abuse. Kids as young as 13 -14 years with Kids, some end up going into the streets and begin to engage in immoral habits, But we are thankful to God that we’ve began something that will be of greater help to many in our communities. We believe we can only show God’s love through helping others because God lives in us.


In the pictures is myself, my wife Chitimba, Humphrey, Emet(First born), Emunah ( Second born, Boy) Zachariah ( Third born) and Shekinah( fourth Born). “



~Geoffrey Mukwala~





Posted by:

Evans Mulenga

Zambian Chair of social media and Technology