Education is the process of transferring skills, values norms and knowledge for human survival. in addition, it is a basic human right that is recognized globally and documented in many educational policies even among sub-Saharan African countries and Zambia inclusive. This basically implies that education is a right for each individual. It is also a means for enhancing the well-being and quality of life for the entire society. This being the case, education must be available to all people to enable them survive and develop to their maximum potential.

Zambia scholarship fund is making education available in the remote and rural areas of Northern part of Zambia in kasama and Mungwi district. The communities have welcomed this move by providing the up-fronts.

The two proposed schools are Chaisa primary school and chilubanama Day secondary School

Chilubanama Day secondary school is located in the remote area of Northern province, Kasama District. This day Secondary school has 260 pupils with no single classroom. The nearest school is 10 kilometres away.

Currently, Chaisa has 305 pupils and run from preschool to grade 7. The nearest school is 7 kilometers away. Due to not having enough classroom, Students at Chaisa learning under a tree and makeshift classroom.

See the Progress made so far towards the construction of the 1×3 classroom block at Chaisa community school in terms of up-fronts