BYU ZSF Radio Project

By September 14, 2017

BYU ZSF Radio Project

This wiki is intended to be a working effort by all participants helping out with the project.  Students, faculty, and Zambia Scholarship Fund volunteers sill continually collaborate for the 2017-2018 BYU Senior student semesters while working on this project through this wiki.  As much information as appropriate will be kept public in efforts to easily collaborate with any interested parties.  However some information may be kept private to those who are able to log in below.

  • Student Project Fall 2017 Presentation
    • Great overview of project, schedule, cost, materials, etc
  • google group forum- byu_zsf_radio_capstone
    • Team & Volunteer communication
    • Please request access if needed
  • GitHub Code Repository & Project Task Tracking
    • Project Development will likely include various coding aspects including:
      • system/subsystem level calculations (link-budget, power-budget, attenuation/antenna modeling, etc)
      • UI development for end user interface
      • Various wrappers or mods for existing open source projects such as FLDIGI, GNURadio, etc.
      • possible – firmware hacking to modify frequency bands and power levels for regional application licensing needs
      • possible – network linking interface between systems for mesh/hopping network design
  • ZSF Radio Project Public Documents
    • Any Documentation, system, sub-system documents made available to public linked from various pages within wiki
  • Wiki Contributors log in below or request access from team if needed.
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