Twice a year we take volunteers to visit the schools we support.

In 2017 one of our volunteers Yuliya Love Lynch wanted to visit an orphanage as well. What she found was shocking. The children were fed only one meal a day and did not have adequate sleeping quarters or a roof over their head. It was located in a very busy and noisy side of town and did not have enough adults to take care of the babies.   

We have now added the option to help at the orphanage level as well. These are small children from just a few months old to grade seven. We are working on raising enough money to purchase a small day school that will pose as a peaceful place to sleep at night to a working school by day. We are determined to supply the children with two meals a day and with meat once a month.



Provide a second meal

$25 per month pays for an orphan to go to school at ZSF orphanage/school plus have a 2nd meal

school orphange

Build Orphanage / School

Donate towards the building of a new building for the orphans in Kasama