Although Zambians can make their own bricks and they are so resourceful they can make their own grass roofs this type of building should be obsolete. They don’t stand the test of time.

The need to build more sustainable classrooms is a huge need for villages. Especially this year when the government announced they need high school education to be available to rural children.

They now need to build high schools in the remote areas of Zambia where a student living in a village could walk to high school. This is more affordable than you think. We will help build a new wing onto one of these village high schools.

For a wing of four class rooms (which can hold thirty students per class room) including cement floor, Steel window frames, aluminum roof, glass windows, nice wood doors, the cost is about $6,000.

Desks and electricity will come if we build it.

   (If you build it they will come)

And as always one hundred percent of your donation goes to your cause.

You can build your own school. This helps in so many ways. It will give local businesses a chance to sell their materials. It will give local brick layers and cement workers jobs. It will give village children a real school to attend.


Donate any amount towards building a set of class rooms