Kathy Purkey at Pontii

ZSF is an all volunteer based organization. We have no paid employees in America. We need you! 

Volunteer jobs include: grant writing, approaching USA schools for help, holding a Zambia night at your local Library, starting a branch of the ZSF in your state, approaching your doctors office or dentist office to see if they would sponsor a student.  Let Peggy send you books, DVD's, brochures, FREE,  all you have to do is give them out, when people read any of them they are hooked, join our meetings to find out what is the most  current need.

Jim Boud at Chelshe Chepela

Frank Musonda at Ituna High







Be a school rep.,get your friends involved, see if your work has a matching funds program, sign up for Peggy to come speak at your next school, club or church meeting, send supplies to our teachers, send supplies to our students.
All ideas, including instructions, inspirational photos for your displays, power point slide shows, names of students schools teachers everything is available on our google drive just email any of our staff and they will be happy to show you how to find what you need.
Visit schools in Zambia (volunteers pay for their own trips) 

Sandy and Karen at Mulobola

This school has no electricity or running water. When we ran out of application forms we had the students fill out their application forms on a blank sheet of paper.

It is located so far from the main road it takes six hours on a dirt road to get there.

Val Stokes at Mungwi Tech