In 2003 ZSF started the ‘adopt a school’ program. It is set up to assist the school districts of Northern Zambia with their shortage of teachers. Because of the lack of revenue the Zambian government does not have enough funds to provide all of their elementary or basic schools (especially the ones situated in the rural areas) with teachers. Many of these schools are so remote they have never had a child go on to attend high school before.

When we asked Mungwi school district how many of their basic schools needed teachers they smiled and pointed to a board with at least three hundred schools on it. “All of them do.” We smiled and said we will start with 20. Since then we have been helping hundreds of elementary schools by providing them with teachers.

This is how it works:

The Kasama school district and the Mungwi school district are continually gathering application forms from college graduates who have not been given a job or from high school graduates who are very gifted (great with English) but cant afford a college education.
We agree to take on these applicants and pay them a monthly salary of one hundred dollars per month. The district assigns them a school. We are continually working with the districts, we call it our ‘adopt a school program’ as if the teacher assigned does get a job he or she will be replaced by another teacher as we have promised that school that we will provide them with a teacher.

These teachers face huge challenges. They walk to town to the district office to pick up their salary. Sounds easy enough. Only these teachers are walking many miles to get to the district. Some a full day to get to the district. Then because they teach in the bush they will live in a hut with no running water no electricity nor will they have a doctor within a hundred miles. They teach all ages up to seventh grade. The children come to school hungry because they have walked miles to get to school .

But they are not complaining they are happy to have a job.

In 2017 we had all the teachers meet at one of our high schools before we paid them their monthly salary. Talk about a beautiful sight. 45 faces greeting each other for the first time, 45 faces greeting us for the first time.

ZSF volunteers told them they knew of their hardships they new no one in America would teach in these conditions, raise their families in these conditions. Many have their families out their with them and this is their only income . We praised them, and thanked them
Looking at their faces we kept seeing; no running water, no electricity, a hut to sleep in that may or may not leak, maybe a chalk board maybe not, no books, teaching hungry children, teaching a classroom full of grades one to seven at one time, sometimes fifty kids at a time, walking to the district on roads that are impassable for vehicles, spiders, ants, no medical help, usually fathers or mothers supporting and living with a family of their own in the hut, going hungry, helping other family members on their small salary.

What we got in return were expressions of gratitude, joy thankful tears, happy to be on the program. 
Donate $100.00 per month to pay a teacher salary.

Donate $150.00 to purchase a bicycle for a teacher
Donate  $150.00 for us to purchase benches and tables so the children don’t have to sit on the ground


Teachers love receiving packages from you
The following items are ideas but please send whatever you like

Things to teach with. (For teachers, who are teaching children English, in the bush).Posters/pictures (include things like Maps, alphabet letters, colorful calendars and prints, they do not have anything on the walls of a school in Zambia)
Flash cards (addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, alphabet letters)
Colored pencils (don’t send regular pencils, they can be purchased in Lusaka the capitol city of Zambia)
Magic markers
Colored paper
Glue (Elmer’s, not glue sticks as they dry out)
Instructions for playing games and making things
Musical flute or small musical instrument with basic music book
A nice cloth bag to carry things in
Colored chalk
Chalk erasers

Personal items for the teachers and students could include:
Solar powered flash light and Lanterns
A Leatherman tool complete with knifes and scissors
First aid kit
Sewing kit
A baseball cap (for a man teacher)
A bracelet (for a woman teacher)
Colorful calendars
Pictures of yourself and family
Hair clips
Solar flashlights
Soap, lotion, wash cloth, shampoo etc. (they have no toiletries)

Send all items to our Zambia’s Scholarship Fund post office box (not directly to the school)

Zambia’s Scholarship Fund
C/0 Tobias Mangani (or Kelvin Chundu)
PO Box 410212
Kasama Zambia

Note: do not mention any items other than school supplies such as books, pencils, paper, rulers when putting down the contents of the package at the post office if you say things like watches soap, lotion, sewing kits they will never make it to Tobias they will be stolen before they make it that far
Thank you