Even today, 65 percent of Zambians live in what we would call the bush. They sustain life by farming, they live in a hut and they have no running water or electricity.

The challenge the Zambian government faces is huge, how do you get education out into these rural areas; people living in town do not want to go out there and live.  Teachers are paid by tax dollars but in an area where the unemployment rate is 91 percent, there is not enough taxable income to pay for all the teachers they need.  That is another reason we believe in the Micro Fund to help entrepreneurs get started.

Years ago the government came up with what they call a two-year teachers college. The idea was for a small amount of money and time (a fourth of a University degree) they could educate qualified high school students to become elementary school teachers.  The ZSF supports these colleges.

It is a great idea and it is affordable.

For 35 dollars per month or 420 per year you can help these students become teachers.

Currently we support 3 of these teachers colleges.