ZSF Achieved Bikes for Every Sponsored School Teacher!

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Today we distributed 15 bicycles to ZSF teachers. This brings the number of bicycles given to our hard working teachers to 46 in a space of two years. Congrats to everyone and hope this token of appreciation will motivate you to give more to learners — Tobias Mangani (ZSF In Country Director)

Great thanks to ZSF for your continued support to us teacher’s. Today we have received bicycles to easy our movements. Madam Peggy, the Zsf American team & our Management here in Zambia, we are so greatful for your good leadership. “May God richly bless you all.” — David Mwenya (ZSF sponsored Teacher)

Thanks for the gesture! Thank you for so much for sharing this wonderful gift.. The Bicycles will help us in many ways.. This makes our mobility easier……… Thanks. –Mwamba (ZSF sponsored Teacher)

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