The Zambian’s are a very sweet-natured people of deep faith and palpable optimism.  They are a very handsome people with big, friendly eyes, and quick, happy smiles filled with beautiful white teeth. However, due to wide-spread historical malnutrition, they tend to be small and thin. Often their hair is very short because it grows poorly and breaks off easily from their protein deficient diets. They are generally very clean and even well-dressed and proper, despite living in mud homes and wearing American hand-me-down’s. Compassionate and kind, they will hold your hand for several minutes after shaking hands. They have strong family traditions often living together with their extended families. They make enormous sacrifices for members of the family. Often one son will willingly work his entire life just to send his brother to school.
What are the People of Zambia Like?
Most are Christian with very deep-seated faith. They love to sing for the pure pleasure of singing and bonding. They seem to all be blessed with beautiful singing voices. Despite their extreme poverty and personal suffering, they are extremely generous with each other and remarkably non-materialistic. Overall they are a very happy people, despite tremendous hardships.
Success Stories
This is James Mumba, in his home village surrounded by brothers and sisters and neighbors. He is holding a letter he has written to his sponsor that he would like a volunteer to take back with them to America. Postage is very expensive for him.  He is trying in his own way to express his profound appreciation for the opportunity he is being afforded. He is one of only a few people in his whole village that is able to move on to high school. His village is very poor, he is an orphan, and his extended family is destitute. He so grateful that he is able to get ponsor through Zambia's Scholarship Fund.  The whole village is excited for him. Without help from his sponsor he would nan education because of his not be able to break out of the cycle of poverty in his family. He is the first student from his family to go to high school. He is been accepted to Mungwi Tech High School, a several days walk from his home village. But there he has a place to sleep and food to eat while he is learning.  His fondest hope is to become a teacher. He hopes that he can become a teacher and return to his own community to help others learn as well.  There is hope in his eyes and faith that he will have a better life.
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