Wow, So much to share! Here’s a recap of our Zambia Night of Celebration

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The annual Zambia Night Celebration was held in the lovely new Kaysville library auditorium on October 25th. Highlights from the evening included introductions of our volunteers and a letter read from a student by each school representative.

Sandy Jensen -  Ituna High school
Renee Query -  Kasama girls High school
AJ Roth  - Mungwi Tech
Jacob Mclaws - Molobola Jr High school
Susan Brockbank - Katabunga High School
Denise Petersen & Karen Haslem -  Cheleshe Chepela School for the Handicapped
Bari Olson  - Kasama Boys High School
Cam Hess and Maggie Scworiski - Adopt a School (Elementary Schools)
Hope Olsen - College Rep

Halee Roth, our google docs and graphic design specialist,  made a lovely color program and showed us how to find the pictures of each of our schools, our students, our teachers and our micro- fund recipients by opening the folders in our google doc’s. Just put in your browser address field and up will come the folders double click to open them.

To find a current list of all our schools, the students and sponsors at each school, and what to send to your students and teachers in Zambia go to and open the "Schools for Public View" or "Things to Send" folders. To see lovely slide shows, inspirational posters, and fun ways you can share Zambia with your friends, family, clubs, and churches go to .

Jim Boud gave an inspiring report on his trip to Zambia last March and talked about meeting his favorite micro-fund recipients.

We would like to challenge each of you to reach a little deeper into your pockets and make a donation towards helping other people in Zambia start up a job for themselves by sending any amount towards phase two of our Micro Fund Program (begins January 2017).

Allow us to explain why some of you have received individual application forms from students and individual letters from students from your school reps through the mail.  Although we have changed to a sponsor supporting a school instead of an individual student, we thought it would be special to send you a sample application form and have one student from your school send a thank you letter to you.

If you wish to send a Christmas package to Zambia, please send enough items for all of the students at your school. Ideas include nice pens, nice calendars, sewing kits, solar powered flash lights, hair bows, baseball caps, etc.  Or you can send a school kit package to our two employees in Zambia, Tobias Mangani and Kelvin Chundu, and they will  get the items to those in need. Donated  items can be mailed to:

Zambia’s Scholarship Fund
PO Box 410212
Kasama, Northern Province

We are in need of grant writing volunteers! Grant writing is easy and fun. Once you submit your application, you sit back and wait to see how much money is raised. What a feeling of accomplishment when the grants come in! Peggy is holding a grant writing class at her home the first week of December. Please email her (at to let her know you are interested, and she will get you more details.

Thanks again for your donations to the students in Zambia!

Peggy Rogers and the ZSF Volunteers


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