Zambia’s Scholarship Fund Volunteer Ideas Organize a street yard sale, make signs of teachers teaching in village schools in Zambia so people can see how bad the schools are there. Make sure they know all money raised will go to children in Zambia. Put a school bus on your desk, teachers & families make a jar that looks like a school bus they put it on their kitchen counter or desk at school for 1 year. It says “Help us Send a Zambian Child to School” (it is a change collector and it is surprising how much change you can collect in a year). Organize a musical concert, people love music & musicians love to play this can be a battle of the bands using high school musicians, or college musicians or arrange for a local musician to play at a college or high school auditorium. Out side at a park is great too, keep tickets at $5.00 to $10.00. Be a guest speaker from the ZSF All schools have yearly fundraisers, women’s groups, rotary clubs, civic clubs, churches, family party’s all are looking for guest speakers, if you invite a representative from the ZSF we never ask for donations so people will not feel uncomfortable. Sponsor a student as a group project, if you cannot afford to sponsor a student alone do it as a family project or as a church project. Contact giving foundations:  (consider foundations that have assets of one million up to five million and donate ten thousand up to one million each year to charities, these foundations do not have a website)  What to send Send a copy of Foreign Flowers, a cover letter, a pamphlet, a DVD, etc. How to send First look up the name (take the time to look at each 990 to see if they help outside of the USA) Site for looking up foundations:  National Center for Charitable statistics  keep a list of who you have sent to Handwrite the name, under the name write “or current address” then the address  Contact large foundations (a large foundation has assets of over five million and donates over one hundred thousand up to ten million yearly to charities these usually have websites and require an application form be filled out. Applications can be submitted on line or in the mail) Send letters/emails/books/DVD’s to prominent businesses Make a phone call or a personal visit to local doctors, lawyers, dentists; as a personal visit is always better than a phone call. See Barbara Fuller about a poster they can hang up in their office. Contact High schools and Jr. High schools A personal phone call is most effective, find a contact person to work with get them to commit to a personal interview or commit to watching our DVD after the interview you can ask them about doing a fundraiser Contact people organizations such as retired teachers associations, local clubs such as women in business, state education associations and civic clubs, national clubs such as Rotary, or NEA every county has their own groups, they all need a guest speaker each month volunteer to be their guest speaker Make your own delightful presentation Contract to speak at schools, clubs, family reunions, churches. We will give you a sample power point or slide show you may use it or make your own. Write and submit to government grant agencies  Organize a musical event this can be done on a high school level, college level or even at the park, you can sell tickets or set up tables to display students to sponsor, pamphlets and donation bottles. Hold a volunteer meeting at your public library We can give you all the information or we can arrange for on of our staff to come as a guest speaker. Sit at a booth for the CFC or other organizations where a table is set out with promotional posters and pictures. You can have all pictures and posters made off our gmail account and Peggy can send you a power point slide show to use on a screen or you can show parts of our DVD Invite people to be a sponsor you can encourage by words or with a flyer to give the gift of a student to prominent business owners such as Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Gather names and email addresses for our quarterly newsletter if you have not seen our newsletter ask for a copy they are beautiful and inspiring we can send as many email newsletters you can get us names and addresses for.
Success Stories
Since Moving to Brooklyn in March of 2006..I had an heart to reach and teach this community in which I live..East New York....this teaching starts at home with my own daughter and branches out to her all started with a bunch of sleep overs..thus “I Treasure” was born where our motto is: "I Treasure" my community, my family, my teachers..I can treasure any dreams I have or goals to reach..Most importantly "I Treasure" ME! This Mentor-ship Organization was created to teach young girls how to love themselves first by developing a relationship with GOD, second to build a stronger relationship with their mothers and to be true in everything they do and touch! It only takes one person and you don’t have to have a lot of money to help, more can be done with less. Compassion and being creative are “key”. I like to think of what I am doing as "Tender Care" Prior to moving to Brooklyn I was born and raised in Harlem NYC. I am a product of a great aunt that loved and adopted me from birth she was the only mother I ever known. She died when I was seventeen years old and I've been on my own ever since. I have known the Lord since I was a child. One of my aunt's friends that lived in the building used to take me to church with her. She planted the seed and I spend a lot of time with God at and early age. My childhood was a fairly good aunt took care of me as best as she could. During that time at the age of five, my uncle molested me and I have since came to term with and recovered by  the blood of the Lamb, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has given me a second chance and I am grateful, I want to continue the seed that was planted in me with "I Treasure".  I believe this program will be of benefit to both the girls and their parents and will increase an awareness of self empowerment a sense of independence and personalization. Who is an I Treasure girl: We are Powerful, young and strong, We are beautiful, extraordinary and bold! Once a I Treasure girl always an I treasure girl. She is a girl aged 10-19 years old.  Girls 10-19 are free to join. On Saturday, January 29, 2011, “I Treasure” Mentor-ship program was introduced to 10 young girls in my neighborhood.   The info session was done in my home, the session lasted for two hours.   After the info session we meet every two weeks, calendar permitting and discuss topics of interest to the girls, have prayer and go out doors. We do resume writing, journal writing and support other community organizations. The reason for developing a partnership with The Zambia Scholarship Fund and Soles4Souls, Inc. I used these civics projects to teach the girls not to be materialistic and value education here in the United States.  Although we live in what is considered to be the "poorer neighborhoods" we still have so much to give.