Come visit Zambia!! Prepare to exchange culture, friendship, and love and let your compassion and understanding grow as never before. This is the chance of a lifetime as you give of your time talents and resources in exchange for a life changing experience. Humanitarian Purpose The Zambia’s Scholarship Fund offers several 2-3 week humanitarian trips each year. These are volunteer trips to visit our dear schools. Unlike other humanitarian trips, we do not believe in going to Zambia and doing things for the people that they can do for themselves (such as building schools). Although many people like such things because they can see physical “evidence” of their good deed, it is not good for the African people. This worsens the problem of poverty in Zambia by reinforcing the idea that they cannot do things for themselves. This has caused generations of low self-esteem in Africa. The volunteers on our trips help on a deeper, more effective level, though it is a less physically apparent level. Our trips allow us to inspire and give to the people of Zambia and allow Zambians to feel their worth as they give back and inspire us. You have much to give and riches beyond most Zambian’s dreams but they too have riches to offer you. So then, what do we do over there? We visit the students, get to know them, give them encouragement, and exchange ideas on simple entrepreneur type crafts. If we share what we have seen and read about then they can take it from there. We take time (before the trip) to put together ideas and  presentations to share at each school. It is not easy for any student to stay in school in Zambia and for them to see that someone flew half way around the world to cheer them on, tell them that they can do it and that someone believes in them is a very powerful experience for them. Our hope is that all of the volunteers will come home with a better understanding of life in Zambia and a determination to share their experiences with fellow Americans to motivate others to join with us in the cause of bringing sustainable development (education) to those who cannot afford it for themselves. We cannot expect to change the problems of Africa without changing the mind set of Americans. Volunteer Trips Please understand that this is a service trip, not a luxury tour or safari! We will fly in and out of Lusaka then take the bus to Kasama, Zambia, as a volunteer group representing the Zambia’s Scholarship Fund. We will spend time in the heart of Africa where amenities are scarce and luxuries unavailable. This is a trip to get a small taste of Zambian life, not a vacation at resorts with luxuries that most Zambians can’t even begin to imagine. But it will be worth every minute! Although the three week trip will include a mini-vacation to Lake Tanganyika, all other travels (Victoria Falls, Africa Tours, Safaris, Zanzibar Island, etc) will be up to the individual traveler and not part of the ZSF trip. We can give some recommendations for travel for those wishing to extend their Africa trip. Trips must be paid by the volunteer, ZSF can not assist in any finances of the trip. The cost is roughly 2 to 3 thousand depending on how long you stay and the cost of your airfare. Many volunteers enjoy raising money through school, friends, and family to cover the cost of their trip. Good luck!                           If you are interested or would like more information, please contact:                                 Jim Boud  Trips Coordinator