Zambia’s Scholarship fund announces their new Trade skills and micro loan idea
ZSF has been helping high school students graduate since 2001
Education for is Zambians is our total goal. Over the years we have sponsored thousands of high school students, college students and teachers. Today we are excited to add trade skills and entrepreneurial job opportunities to our educational focus.
Over the years many sponsors have formed a bond with their students and feel a desire to help their students get a job after they graduate. This has been possible if the student has a desire to become a teacher and if the student has kept their grades up so they can get into one of the two-year teachers college. However many students don’t have a desire to be a teacher nor do they have the grades to get into the teachers colleges. Last year the ZSF helped several of these students (supported by their sponsors) attend private trade schools. However we found that these trade schools are very costly nearly five times as much as the two year teachers colleges. For that reason the ZSF has teamed up with Ms. Joan Chinunda current owner of the Hills Guest House in Kasama, to run a trade skills school where for the same cost as sponsors are paying at the two year teachers college (35.00 per month) they can help their high school students learn a trade that will perpetuate a job.
The trade school is under construction and should be completed in May of 2013
There are several ways you can help with this project. You can gather ideas You can turn in your trade skills ideas to our skills rep. You can travel to Zambia to teach trade skills You can help a student purchase the items they need to start their new business by  Giving them a micro loan You can give a micro loan for as little as fifty dollars.  Example: Treadle sewing machine: $150.00, tortilla presses $50.00, a two-burner stove and a large pot for making pasta, $100.00.