Our Board of Directors

peggy and kids


Peggy Rogers is our president and founder. She has been to Zambia 11 times She feels like it is her home away from home. She says she has 5 great children who support her in what ever she does and 9 grand children (who will soon support her in what ever she does) and blessed beyond words to have hundreds of her own children in Zambia. Peggy would like to thank everyone who made this organization what it is today and that it is still going strong after almost twenty years!!


Vice President

Jim Boud is our vice president. He is an attorney with 4 children and 11 grandchildren.  He has taken two of his daughters to Zambia on two of his trips to visit our students.  They were both deeply touched by the experience.  He has taken on the role of leading most of the trips to Zambia and has fallen in love with the people in Zambia.  His favorite part of each trip is to visit the children at the Chileshe Chepela Special Needs School in Kasama, Zambia.  If you want to go on a trip to Zambia to help out our cause contact Jim at jrboud@jimboud.com



Barbara Sims is always looking for ways to help give to others. She has a great family who supports her in her endeavors. She makes beautiful quilts and scrapbooks. She has three married children and 11 1/2 grandchildren who all live close to her and keep her life busy and happy. She was excited to read Peggy's books and learn about situations in Africa. Through Zambia's Scholarship Fund, she learned about how inexpensive it is to do so much good. She is excited to share Peggy's passion and dream of changing lives in Zambia.


Board member

Yuliya Love Lynch is ZSF micro funds/ orphanage rep. She was born in Perm, Russia. She has attended several Universities . She has 4 Bachelor's degree's and 1 Master's degree. She is working as a Financial Analyst in the sub-prime lending industry. Yuliya's dream is to help the poor by offering them more robust opportunities through commercial and not-for-profit solutions that will give them a chance to achieve a better financial future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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Board member

Renee Query is our Kasama girls high school rep and acting board member. She discovered ZSF in May 2013. Later after meeting Peggy Rogers and reading her touching and life-changing Zambian experiences in Heart to Heart Worlds Apart and Foreign Flowers - An African Journey I knew I was hooked. Renee served an eighteen month humanitarian mission for the LDS church in Zambia.

Education of the youth is always the answer for a more prosperous nation.

Sincerely,  Renee Query


Board Member

Terri Jensen is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a recently retired award-winning teacher. She has been involved in ZSF since its early days and loves the remarkable work being done there. Terri traveled to Zimbabwe & taught 9 workshops there to youth, in addition to giving humanitarian service there. She and her family are active in providing service to Salt Lake's inner-city families. Terri, her husband and 3 children are grateful for the terrific opportunity to lend their support to new opportunities for service with ZSF


Board Member

Sandy Jensen is the school rep for Ituna High school and a sponsor of 15 years. She went to Zambia in March of 2017. She has 5 children and 11 grandchildren.  She lived in Venezuela for the first 11 years of her life and traveled all over the world with her parents. She always wanted to be involved in helping a developing country. when she met Peggy and read her first book, she knew she had to sponsor one of the students in Zambia.  She is amazed at how the scholarship fund has grown since she first got involved.  

Our School Reps

Liz Sartori

Katabunga School rep

Liz Satori is our Katabunga high school rep. She says her contribution to the Zambia Scholarship Fund is not huge, but considers it her "Starfish". she says "I hope you all remember the story of the boy on the beach who rescued starfish when the tide was going out....I've always regarded the opportunity for education like life itself."

Liz Sartori


Hope Olsen is our College Rep. She is over 4 colleges. She has 4 children & 7 grands. She actually met Peggy in elementary school & has been a good friend ever since. She read Peggy's book & wanted to get involved. She has been amazed at the dedication & love Peggy has for the people of Zambia. She has been a volunteer for ZSF for 10 years. She loves to read each story of the young men & women who are applying. It’s so great to know that we are helping all of these youth as they struggle to graduate & get employment.

Maggie & Boys

'Adopt a School' rep

Maggie Skroski is over our adopted schools. She has a Masters degree of Library Science and is a student at East Carolina University. Currently substitute teaching and a mother of six.
She was connected with ZSF through our California Branch in 2010 and has been involved ever since. She started as supporting a student and expanded into working with our elementary school sponsors.

Cam photo

'Adopt a school' Rep

Cam Hess is over our adopted a schools. He has been a long time friend of Peggy and Scott's. He is the father of 5, grandfather of 18. He is a engineer and computer specialist. He currently lives in Southern California. He enjoyed reading Heart to Heart-Worlds Apart. He says it changed his life by increasing his appreciation for his own blessings and increased his compassion for those living in much less fortunate circumstances.


Mulobola High school rep

Jacob McLaws and his father Brad McLaws produced our first DVD. He is currently a designer at Google in Mountain View, California. he believes every child in the world deserves the opportunity to attend school and get an education. As a teenager he got the chance to travel with ZSF to film interviews for the DVD. Seeing how big of a difference education made in the happiness of the people he met made him appreciate his own opportunities and want to do more.

Bari Olson

Kasama boys High school Rep

Bari Olson is over Kasama boys high school. She is a mother of 6, a grandmother of 26, a retired teacher, in love with humankind. she taught elementary school 30+ years. Mainly 2nd grade. Shes been with ZSF for 8 years. Started as a sponsor, and is currently over the sponsors at Kasama Boys. She's tried her luck with a couple dozen grants so wish her luck! she owns Peggy's books, videos, etc., and have given many away. It is an honor to serve alongside ZSF's finest!

Susan Brockbank

Katabunga School Rep

Susan Brockbank is over Katabunga high. She has 4 children & 14 grandchildren. She has seen ZSF progress since Peggy’s earliest ambitions to publish a book to now. As an educator herself, it seemed the natural thing to get involved so she got her students pen pals & became a sponsor. It's a beautiful thing happening now in Zambia with so many people inspired and giving! Knowing that every small part that I can give will go directly to help an individual or a teacher, makes it a pleasure to support ZSF.

Our Active Volunteers



Scott Rogers has  taken on the role of our new accountant (Dennis has retired and says he is too old, thank you Dennis) Scott has a math degree from University of Utah. He has been a math teacher at Mountain View High, Park City High, Walquist Jr. High, and Rocky Mt. Jr. High. He has been to Zambia three times and finds all the poverty extremely heartwrenching. He says he is learning quick books so hopes everyone will be patient with him.

Darin & Trista

Media Specialists

Darin and Trista Andersen are amazing they do everything from our newsletter to our website. They have 6 children and volunteer  with the CERT program. They are foster parents and recently adopted 3 wonderful children who needed a family. They met Peggy in 2003 when she did a presentation about Zambia at their daughter's 4th grade class. Our family has loved sponsoring high school students in Zambia and reading our students' beautifully-written letters of gratitude and hope. Zambia's Scholarship Fund gives these young people opportunities for a brighter future. It is a privilege to be part of this organization.

Cheleshe Chipela school rep

Denise Anger is over our Cheleshe Chipela handicapped school. Her husband passed away in 2008.  She has 7 children. She became good friends with Peggy thru a Gardening Club and never dreamed that someday she would go to Zambia but destiny called. In 2012 she was on her way.  She had many fears but can honestly say that none were real.  The people impressed her the most.  They were so full of love and so happy even in their hard circumstances.

Halee and AJ

Mungwi school reps

Halee and AJ Roth are (among many other things) the school reps for Mungwi High school. They manage and show others how to use our google doc's, design programs, and flyers. They have 3 small children but still find time to help. If you havent visited our google doc folders you should. You can find all of our students, all of our slide shows, all of micor fund recipients, pictures and more. Just ask Halee to show you how : haleejroth@gmail.com


Facebook and Instegram

Natalie Kirtley is over our social Media. She recently finished grad school, so when she's not working, she's playing. Her biggest hobby is finding new hobbies. When she was a kid she made big plans, most of which involved school & adventure. She's lucky; she has made her dreams real. Now she wants to do something to make the blessings she's enjoyed more accessible to others.


Active volunteer

Karen Trenholm has been a volunteer for ZSF for 9 years. She is a retired teacher, has 4  daughters, 9 grandchildren. She went to Zambia in 2010. "It was a life-changing experience. We were overwhelmed by Zambians positive attitudes & enthusiasm for learning inspite of having next to nothing."She would encourage people to help  by being a sponsor or visiting Zambia. She would love to speak to groups, schools, clubs about Zambia. 


Board member Zambia

Christopher Chabinga is currently a lecturer at Kasama teachers college in Zambia. ZSF has worked with Christopher and Kasama teachers college since its beginning in 2000.  He has been on the Zambian board of directors for four years and has never compensated for his work. We want to thank Christoper for being a huge part of what we do.

Zambian Board members

We are thrilled and think it is an honor that Claire Albrecht and her husband  Justin Hostetter, joined the Zambian Board of Directors this spring.  Claire and Justin met in Zambia while serving in the USA peace corps. They are soon to blessed with their first child due this month. They both fell in love with Zambia and its people so they decided to make Zambia their permanent home. Together they run the Bakashana organization also helping girls get an education.


Long time volunteer

Bonnie Rembacz became involved with Zambia's Scholarship Fund in 2010 and says it has truly been a blessing in her life. She picked 2 students to sponsor; a girl and a boy. Since then she has supported four more students. Danny Chama (pictured) she grew to know through letters and realized she could make a difference in his life. So she and Karen Trenholm visited Zambia and it was a life-changing experience. The best part of her trip was the opportunity to meet 3 of her students & listen to their stories about how their lives have changed since they received a sponsor.


Board member Zambia

Francis Mulenga is the Pastor of the Church of Hope Assembly in Zambia and a member of ZSF board of Directors in Zambia. He is from the tiny village of Njakuki and is married with five children. He began his ministry in 2000 when he attended Bible college at the Christian Vocational center in Lusaka. He currently assists with over seeing the financial reports and helping to select micro-fund recipients.


Board member Zambia

Ireen Mulenga Joined the ZSF board of Directors in Zambia in March of 2017. She is from the tiny village of  and is married with children. Her bio is coming she will be the secretary of the board.

K Haslem

Cheleshe Chipela school rep

Karen Haslem is the school rep for our special needs school and is currently raising money to get benches for several of your schools. She lives in Logan and has  four children and 12 grandchildren. She is a happy person making trips to Zambia more bearable.


Accountant In Zambia

My name is kelvin chundu I have worked for ZSF for 5 years,I have learnt a lot whilst working for ZSF,I regard my Job as a ministry God has called me to do,I feel fulfilled every time I'm on an assignment for my Job,
I would like also to thank all the sponsors who have taken time to help the vulnerable children in schools and colleges and my prayer is that they may continue,for these few years I have worked for ZSF I have seen how vulnerable children have been transformed from a poor background into graduates who are now able to support there families into many things especially in education and also be able to have 3 meals per day.
God bless you and your help really goes a long way


Finance auditor USA

Robert Ng’ambi is our volunteer CPA he was born in a mining town called Luanshya, Copperbelt. He completed his high school & went to college in South Africa, then he had the opportunity to attend college in the USA. He is interested in the financial world, so he decided to major in accounting. He graduated from BYU Idaho in 2014 with an accounting degree and landed a Job as a staff accountant at PEG Development (Real estate developer). After two years at PEG Development, he decided to change jobs currently working at Goldman Sachs.He is also working on master’s education (Finance & Economics) through West Texas A&M. 

Program Director Zambia

Tobias Mangani joined the ZSF team as the program director in Zambia in March of 2010. He is always letting us know how grateful he is for giving him the wonderful and rare opportunity to serve such a great organization but we could not do what we do with out him. He works hard and the choices he has to make are difficult ones. Many Zambians wait outside his door just to ask him if he can get them a scholarship, it breaks his heart each time he has to turn people away. He is patient and kind, a delight to work with.

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