Sponsor a Student
We promise that 100% of your money goes to provide scholarships for Zambians in need. Zambia's Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity. Want to sponsor a specific student or teacher? If you make a monthly or yearly donation you can personally sponsor a student or teacher.   • High school student: $25 a month or $300 per year • College student: $35 a month or $420 per year • Teacher salary: $100 a month or $1,200 per year   If you choose to be a sponsor in addition to donating, please email peggyzambia@yahoo.com and tell us that you want to sponsor and communicate with your student or teacher. This communication means more to them than you can possibly imagine and you will be greatly enriched to hear how your money is transforming their lives.   What does my donation provide or what should I donate? Donation amounts: $25 a month pays for a student to go to high school (including room and board) $35 a month pays for a student to go to college (including room and board) $100 a month pays for a qualified teacher to be sent to a rural school $25 pays for a teachers kit to be created, shipped and distributed (kits include things like notebooks, pens, chalk, teacher books, scissors, math packs, flash cards, etc.) $20 pays for a worker in Zambia to make a wooden desk and two chairs for the school $100 pays for a box of needed books to be gathered, shipped and distributed to schools $100 pays for a bicycle for one of our teachers $18,000 pays for an entire container of thousands of books to be shipped and distributed
Success Stories
In 1999 the Zambia Scholarship Fund began helping 10 college students become teachers. Since that time the ZSF has helped 1642 high school students ( A high school education is not free in Zambia), 1,052 college students become teachers and has paid the salary of 373 teachers.