What to send to Teachers and Students?

Students and teachers love receiving packages from you!
They are either at a boarding school with no personal items or teaching in the bush with nothing but a chalk board (if they are lucky) the following items are ideas but please send what ever you like

Things to send to Elementary school Teachers, who are teaching children English, in the bush.

1. Posters/pictures (include things like Maps, alphabet letters, colorful calendars and prints, they do not have anything on the walls of a school in Zambia)
2. Flash cards (addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, alphabet letters)
3. Colored pencils (don’t send regular pencils, they can be purchased in Lusaka the capitol city of Zambia)
4. Magic markers
5. Pens
6. Colored paper
7. Scissors
8. Glue (Elmer’s, not glue sticks as they dry out)
9. Instructions for playing games and making things
10. Lined notebooks, day planners, and note pads
11. Musical flute or small musical instrument with basic music book
12. A nice cloth bag to carry things in
13. Colored chalk
14. Chalk erasers

Personal items for the teachers and students could include
15. A Basic first aid kit
16. A Basic sewing kit
17. A baseball cap (for a man teacher)
18. A bracelet (for a woman teacher)
19. Colorful calendars
20. Pictures of yourself and family
21. Hair clips
22. Solar flashlights
23. Soap, lotion, wash cloth, shampoo etc. (they have no toiletries)
Send all items to our Zambia’s Scholarship Fund post office box (not directly to the school)

Zambia’s Scholarship Fund
C/0 Tobias Mangani (or Kelvin Chundu)
PO Box 410212
Kasama Zambia

Note: do not mention any items other than school supplies such as books, pencils, paper, rulers when putting down the contents of the package at the post office if you say things like watches soap, lotion, sewing kits they will never make it to Tobias they will be stolen before they make it that far
Thank you