Our 2015 Challenge to students and teachers of America Dear students and teachers living in the USA,       Have you ever thought about helping students and teachers in Zambia? Well now is your chance. During the 2015-16 school year we would like to challenge every student and teacher across America to donate $3.00. That’s right $3.00     A high school education is not free in Zambia. We can’t tell you how many students want to go to high school but cant. They have no money.       If everyone in the USA donated just three dollars we could educate every high school student that wanted to go to school in Zambia. That’s all it would take. Its up to you!    You can donate here on line with a credit card or send your three dollars to: Zambia’s Scholarship fund PO Box 515 Brigham City UT 84301     Please txt this message to all your friends, we can do this, lets do it!