Prospective Student Scholarships and Teacher Applicants

Applications for scholarships or teaching jobs through Zambia’s Scholarship Fund is done via the below instructions and NOT through contacting Zambia’s Scholarship Fund directly via this website.  If there’s any additional concerns or issues after you try contacting and applying directly through the schools/districts at their office locations feel free to Contact Us.

These are instructions on how to apply for a scholarship with ZSF.

1. You must be enrolled in a school we are connected with (by visiting them in person). The list of schools is below.
2. Once you are enrolled you can apply once a year through the school.
3. The school and ZSF committee in Zambia select the students.
4. ZSF pays the school and boarding fees of the students selected.
5. We have different amounts of funding every year which means the number of students we can sponsor fluctuates.


It is important to know that ZSF is not involved in enrolling students in these schools. We take applications for individuals who are already attending the school. If you would like to go to one of these schools and attempt to obtain a scholarship you will need to work with the administration of that specific school.


Elementary Schools in the following Districts:

(These districts provide teaching jobs that we support)


Kasama District
P.O. Box 410074
Kasama, Zambia


Mungwi District
P.O. Box 48
Mungwi District, Zambia


High Schools:


Kasama Girl’s High School
P.O. Box 410194
Kasama, Northern Province, Zambia


Mungwi Tech High School
P.O. Box 100
Mungwi, Northern Province, Zambia


Kasama Boy’s High School
P.O. Box 410235
Kasama, Northern Province, Zambia


Ituna High School
P.O. Box 410033
Kasama, Zambia


Chileshe Chepela High School
P.O. Box 410360
Kasama, Zambia


Mbusa Secondary School
P.O. Box 410212
Kasama, Zambia


Mulobola Mission Secondary School
P.O. Box 410143
Kasama, Zambia


Chishimba Day Secondary School
P.O. Box 410258
Kasama, Zambia


Teachers Colleges:
Kasama Teachers College
P.O. Box 410195
Kasama, Northern Provice, Zambia


Northern Teachers College
P.O. Box 410212
Kasama, Zambia


St. Mary’s College of Education