titled. . . . Fighting Poverty in Zambia   

Mick and Kate James started to support a village in Zambia following a small act of kindness towards them when they were tired, thirsty and hungry, with nowhere to stay on their tandem cycle ride through east Africa in 1993. Mukuka Kayula, a school master, let them stay in one of the class rooms, got one son to fetch water and another to fetch a few cobs of maize from their fields. Kate and Mick kept in touch and first helped him when his daughter died of malaria. They realized how important health and education is for the development of a rural community like Ngoli.
The Kayula’s four boys have been supported through ZSF to higher education and are now a school teacher, a lab technician, a business studies graduate and college student. They teamed up with Zambia Scholarship Fund nearly five years ago to support other children from the village to get access to high school, college and university. Three students a year have been selected. Samuel is at Rusangu University studying for a Bachelor of Education degree. Victor is at electrical college and Sula has just been accepted at medical school.
 Legacy Global
Thanks to the generous support of one couple . . .
    (through)                                                          The Legacy Global Foundation                                                                                                                                                              (Live Well, Leave a Legacy)
Larry and Karen Bartholomew have agreed to pay for our first group of 4 class rooms at Chishimba Secondary school. (a new high school located in the Bush), thank you Karen and Larry!


Peggy first met Claire Albrecht in Kasama in March of 2017 she loved what Claire was doing so much that she asked her to be on her board of directors in Zambia and she highly recommends supporting Claire with her newly formed Bakashana organization!

for Info contact Claire at  info@bakashana.org