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Going to Zambia with Peggy, Karen and Yuliya was one of the funnest and inspiring trips I have ever taken.  There was an emotional experience at each school we visited.  I have to tell you about Clement Mwenya, pictured here with me.  When we visited the last school, Kasama Boys School, on our last day, the principal told us about a boy that had come to him for help.  He tested him and he tested the second highest score in the school.  Because he was intelligent and wanted an education so bad, they let him start his 10th grade, working odd jobs around the campus for his fees.  Like every other school principal we had met, Peggy told him we could not add any new students to the program, we already had 23 at this boy’s school and 5 on a waiting list.

I Iooked at Peggy and said; “it’s only $25.00 a month, right?”  She said yes and I blurted out, “I’ll sponsor him!”  When I met Clement, I asked him to write me a letter about his life so I could know more about him.  He wrote for about 45 minutes and told me how his dad had died and his mom was suffering with cancer.

He knew he was intelligent because he always tested in the top 3 of the school he attended.  He wanted an education so bad.  He wants to be a doctor.  I’m so proud to be able to sponsor him till he graduates from high school.    When it’s time for him to attend college, I will be there to support him then too.

Maybe it was “Divine Intervention” that I was there when he needed me.

When I think about the $63.00 I spent taking two grandkids to see Beauty and the Beast in a Las Vegas Theater, I can’t help but think about those kids in Zambia that only need $25.00 a month to attend school.  I feel blessed to be able to share my good fortune with them.

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