Meet Our Staff in Zambia
Zambia's Scholarship Fund would  like to welcome the newest member of our staff in Zambia, Kelvin Chundu Kelvin is our new part time accountant he has agreed to accept a small part time salary and help Tobias and Geofrey with the financial matters and other items of business in Kasama (the Location of the ZSFoffice) while he awaits employment. Kelvin is a college graduate awaiting placement by the Zambian government to to teach in one of the many elementary schools in need of a teacher. Thank you Kelvin
My name is Tobias Mangani. I was born in 1984. I am a journalist by profession and I am currently working for a community radio station, Radio Mano broadcasting in the Northern Province of the Republic of Zambia. I have worked for Radio Mano for the past four years. Because of may dedication to work, in 2007, I was nominated to represent the media institutions in Zambia at an International convention for journalists in radio and television in Beijing, China. My dream is to open a private radio station.
I'm Kelvin Chundu I was born on 1st september 1985. I'm a Zambian citizen and also the seventh born in the family of nine. I stay in mulenga Hills. I'm an accountant by profession and working for Zambia's  scholarship Fund, I'm engaged and about to wed next year God willing. My hobbies are watching football and listening to christian music.