The 2015 Budget for dispersing micro loans The Zambia’s Scholarship Fund is excited to introduce our newest program; giving micro loans to entrepreneurial students who wish to start their own business in northern Zambia. Staring amount $100,000 Starting date January 2015 Some Job ideas and estimated amounts include Raising chickens $500 to 1,000 Making Lotions and soaps  $200 Being a seamstress $200- 300 for treadle sewing machine, material and thread Raising Corn $ 1,000 to 3,000 depending on size of Land Raising Bees  $300 Teaching Computer skills One computer $1,000 Growing herbs used in cooking $100 Wood working tools Set of tools $500 Raising Fish in a fish pond $100 Owning a bicycle (for purchasing items in town and delivering them to villages $110.00 Welding Tools and equipment $500- 1,000 Auto mechanic tools  $1,000 Opening a small restaurant in home $500 Donors are invited to give any amount or specify what program they want their donation to go towards. How the program will work: Each student interested in obtaining a loan must submit an application form to the ZSF office in Kasama, Zambia. The application will include complete details of their project, time lines, budgets and expected time line to pay back. A self-photo will also be included. The ZSF board of directors in Zambia will screen each applicant and submit accepted applications to the ZSF board of directors in the USA. Once applications are approved by both board’s applicants will be notified and paid cash for their projects. Our employees in Zambia will obtain copies of receipts for items purchased and monitor each project. In 2012 ZSF began helping 9 high schools and 2 colleges with trade skill equipment such as treadle sewing machines, wood working tools, and computers. Schools had teachers but lacked equipment. Once these students learn a trade they will be ready to start their own business This in as area where the current unemployment rate is at an unbelievable rate of 92 percent is a huge step in the right direction. Now when students graduate they will have an opportunity to create their own job. By January 2015 we hope all students interested in obtaining a loan for their entrepreneurial idea's will be rewarded this opportunity. Why give to the ZSF The Zambia's Scholarship Fund is based in the Northern Province of Zambia. The northern province is located further from the capitol city, Lusaka, than any other province. The Zambian government head quarters are located in Lusaka, thus all statistical information available on the internet about Zambia comes from Lusaka and aid to the northern province is rarely available, in other words it is the most remote part of all of Zambia! Through these micro loans, hundreds if not thousands of Zambians in the northern province will benefit. A job not only benefits the individual who has the job but their immediate and extended families as well. Recipients of the loans will turn around and pay for their own children's education as well as others so it benefits more than we can say. We will have volunteers from the USA go to Zambia every three months to check on accountability. Checking includes visiting all schools on our program, reviewing written reports from our employees in Zambia and meeting with our board of directors in Kasama, Zambia. Our three paid employees who live in Zambia and work at our office in Kasama Zambia will check on our loan recipients every three months and write a written assessment that can be reviewed by our USA visitors
 the ZSF is excited and honored to have Yulia join our team as our Micro-loan program director 
Yuliya Love-Kryuchkova Lynch