the ZSF is excited and honored to have Yulia join our team as our Micro-loan program director 
Yuliya Love-Kryuchkova Lynch
Meet our micro-fund recipients Vice   president   Jim   Boud   and   his   wife   Linda   went   to   Zambia   in   March   2016. As soon   as   they   stepped   off   the   plane   they   met   our   55   micro-fund   recipients.   Old, young,   men,   women,   able-bodied   and   handicapped   alike   each   approached   Jim. With   tears   in   their   eyes,   they   thanked   him   for   giving   them   so   much.   It   didn’t matter   if   it   was   a   simple   sewing   machine   or   tools   to   cut   hair,   each   person   was thankful   to   the   point   of   tears,   Jim   says   it   was   the   most   tender   thing   he   has   ever witnessed   and   begged   us   to   keep   it   up.   Thanks   to   the   generous   support   of   many of   you,   we   are   happy   to   report   we   will   start   our   phase   two   micro-fund   program in   January   2017   and   give   55   more   applicants   a   chance   to   create   a   job   for themselves.