Yuliya Love-Kryuchkova Lynch
Yuliya was born in Perm, Russia and migrated to the U.S.A. in 2006; she attended East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania where she earned two Bachelor's degrees, International Economics and Business Management and also received a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Economics Theory from Perm State University in Russia. After completing her undergraduate degrees simultaneously she then pursued her Master's Degree in International and Development Business (Microfinance) from the New York University. Currently, Yuliya is working as a Financial Analyst in the sub-prime lending industry. Yuliya's dream is to help the poor by offering them more robust opportunities trough commercial and not-for-profit solutions that will give them a chance to achieve a better financial future for themselves, their families as wells as their communities. 
Meet Our Staff of Volunteers
The first time I went to Zambia, I went to visit a friend I had met twenty years earlier in Utah. To say I was not prepared for what I saw and experienced would be an understatement. My mind raced with ways I should or could help. When I asked how I could help, Zambian mothers repeatedly asked me to help their children go to school. I am a mother of 5 myself, so I understood their cries. Aside from Zambia's Scholarship Fund, I love nature, gardening and the outdoors.
Peggy Rogers
I am a very blessed woman who has been looking for ways to help give to others. I have a great family who supports me in my endeavors. I like to make quilts and scrapbook some. I have three married children and 11 1/2 grandchildren who all live close to me and keep my life busy and happy. I was excited to read Peggy's book and learn about the situation in Africa and learn of ways to help. Through Zambia's Scholarship Fund, I learned about how inexpensive it is to do so much good. I am excited to share Peggy's passion and dream of changing lives in Zambia. Thanks Peggy for this opportunity.
Barbara Sim
My name is Ann Belk. I am married with 5 children ranging from 8 to 20 years of age. I really enjoy working with children and volunteer at a local elementary school. I enjoy gardening, crafts, and music. I am excited to be involved in Zambia's Scholarship Fund and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share something in our monthly newsletter.
Ann Belk
My name is Karen Trenholm. I have been a voluntter for Zambia's Scholarship Fund for 6 years. My husband is a retured Forest Service engineer and I am a retired Kindergarten teacher. We have four wonderful daughters, four son-in-laws, and nine grandchildren. Last May, my friend Bonnie Rembacz and I had the privilege of traveling to Zambia. We visited the students, teachers, and schools sponsored by the ZSF. It was a life-changing experience. We were overwhelmed by Zambians positive attitudes and enthusiasm for learning in spite of having next to nothing. It was a humbling experience. I would encourage people to help Zambians lift themselves out of poverty by sponsoring a student, a teacher, or a school. Bonnie and I would love to speak to community gropus, schools, and other organizations about Zambia. We also highly recommend traveling to Zambia as a volunteer of the ZSF.
Karen Trenholm and Elvin Silungwe, one the studenst she sponsors
Bonnie Rembacz and Danny Chama, one of the students she sponsors
I became involved with Zambia's Scholarship Fund about 4 years ago and it has truly been a blessing in my life. I picked two students to sponsor; a girlat Masala High School and a boy at Mansa Teacher's College. Since then I have supported four more students. I sponsor Danny Chama (pictured) and grew to know him through his letters an I realized that I had made a difference in the direction his life was taking. Karen Trenholm and I visited Zambia and it was a life-changing experience. The best part of the trip was the opportunity to meet three of our students and listen to their stories about how their lives have changed since they received a sponsor.
My name is Sue Budd Francis. I have a deep love for Africa because that is where my roots are . I was born and grew up in what is now known as Gweru Zimbabwe. My mother's family left Holland and Germany and settled in Cape Town, South Africa in the 16th century. I came to the United States and attended Brigham Young University in Utah and married my kind and supportive husband. I am the mother of 5 wonderful children. They along with my wonderful grandchildren, have been blessed with so many opportunities that most in Africa only dream of. I have always loved participating in humanitarian projects, but have sometimes felt they were only a temporary solution. Since reading Peggy's books, I have been excited to participate in a humanitarian effort that uses resources already in place to make a permanent difference in Zambia.
I'm Trista Andersen. My husband, Darin, and I have been blessed with six children, ages 9 to 17. I enjoy playing the piano and violin, reading, being a Cubmaster, and volunteering with our community's CERT program. Darin and I are foster parents and recently were able to adopt three wonderful children who needed a family. My heart turned to Africa in 2003 when Peggy Rogers did a presentation about Zambia for my daughter's 4th grade class. Our family has loved sponsoring high school students in Zambia and reading our students' beautifully-written letters of gratitude and hope. Zambia's Scholarship Fund gives these young people opportunities for a brighter future. Life in Zambia is so difficult and impoverished. Education is truly the key to overcoming poverty and despair. It is a privilege to be part of this organization which blesses the lives of so many children in Africa by bringing education within their reach.
Sue Budd Francis
Trista Andersen
Success Stories
I am Fewdays Katango and I am 33 years old.  My father died when I was nine years old leaving my mother with 9 children to care for by selling tomatoes and onions in the market, this lead to my elder brothers and sister dropping out of school.  I remained in the primary school up to grade seven because education is free up to 8th grade.  To attend 8th grade, we arranged for me to remain at school after it closed to work off my tuition.  I continued to do this until I finished 9th grade.  I spent one year selling plastic bags on the street and weeding so I could pay my fees for 10th grade.  I finished my secondary schooling with the help of the Social Welfare Program in Zambia. In 2004, I was ready for college, but had no one to assist me.  It was this year that I interviewed for the Zambia Scholarship Fund.  In 2005, I received a letter from Peggy Rogers informing me she found a sponsor for me, Lynn and Maryann Jensen.  When I was reading the letter, I felt like I was dreaming.  I was so happy that day and I will never forget it.  In 2007 I graduated and in 2008 I became employed by the government of Zambia as a primary school teacher. In 2009, I was accepted at the University of Zambia to earn a degree in Special Education and Religious Studies and I am now in my third year.  I am now doing my student teaching at a special secondary school.  I am the only one in my family who has completed his education and had a job teaching.  I would like to thank Peggy Rogers and my sponsors Lynn and Maryann Jensen for  the sacrifice they made on my behalf. I will always be grateful for their help. Thank you very much for the work you are doing in Africa and in particular in Zambia. May the good Lord bless you with your families as you bless the lives of others. Remain blessed Fewdays Katongo 
Sandy Jensen
Terri Fisher Jensen is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a recently retired award-winning teacher. She has been involved in the "Zambia Scholarship Fund" since its early days and loves the remarkable work being done there. Terri has traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa and taught 9 workshops there to youth, in addition to giving humanitarian service there. She and her family and friends are also active in providing service to Salt Lake's inner-city families. The parents of 3 children, Terri and her husband, Larry, are grateful for the terrific opportunity to lend their support to new opportunities for service with "Zambia's Scholarship Fund."
Terri Fisher Jensen
I've been married to Delon Jensen for 52 years. We have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.  I lived in Venezuela for the first 11 years of my life.  My parents left me in Utah when I was married and lived all over the world.  I was able to travel to many third world countries to visit them and see what life was like there.  My Brother ended up in Guatemala married to a native of Guate and they still live there.  I have visited there many times.  We always had foreign exchange students from the time I was a teenager to being married with my own children.  I always wanted to be involved in helping a third world country in some way.  When I met Peggy and I read her first book, I knew I had to sponsor one of the students in Zambia.  Since then, I've been involved in helping in any way I can.  I'm amazed at how the scholarship fund has grown since I first got involved.  The Lord has truly blessed Peggy and all her Zambian students and their sponsors.
Jim and Linda Baud
 Jim Boud is an attorney, married to his wife Linda for 41 years, 4 children, 11 grandchildren.  He has taken two of his daughters to Zambia on two of his trips to visit our students.  They were both deeply touched by the experience.  He has taken on the role of leading most of the trips to Zambia and has fallen in love with the people in Zambia.  His favorite part of each trip is to visit the children at the Chileshe Chepela Special Needs School in Kasama, Zambia.  If you want to go on a trip to Zambia to help out our cause contact Jim at jrboud@jimboud.com