If your family is looking for a fun & worth-while Christmas project this year . . Try helping a student in Africa go to school. In the northern province of Zambia only 10% of the total population have an opportunity to attend high school. A high School education is not free and high schools are located great distances from rural villages; therefore students must leave their village homes, travel to towns, live at school, pay room & board on top of school fees, how can parents afford such a luxury when they are barely raising enough food to feed their family? Most rural families do not have a steady income; in fact the unemployment rate is at an unbelievable 93% in Northern Zambia. Your family can sponsor a high school student for as little as, $25.00 per month this will pay for your students books, fees, room and board, etc. But the most fun part of all is that you get to hang your student’s picture up on your refrigerator. Your family can have fun writing letters to their new student. It is a hands-on experience for all.         If you are doing this as a gift for a friend we will send them the name of the school where their student attends, a copy of our 45 minute documentary narrated by a Park City high school student and a picture of all the students on our program at their school. Just email Barbara Sims at barbara4zambia@gmail.com