General Donation

General Donations are carefully handled towards funds greatest current needs


Sponsor High School Student 1-Year

$25 per month pays for a student to go to high school

microfund recipient

Create a job

$300 can buy an entrepreneur the supplies they need to start a business for themselves

adopt a school teacher

purchase kits

$25 dollars buys either a hygiene kit, a sewing kit or a school kit for teachers living in the bush

college student

Sponsor College Student 1-Year

$35 per month pays for a student to go to school to become a teacher


Pay a teachers salary

Pay an elementary school teacher $100 per month


Bicycle for teacher $100

$100 pays for a bicycle for one of our teachers


Provide a second meal

$25 per month pays for an orphan to go to school at ZSF orphanage/school plus have a 2nd meal

school orphange

build 4 classrooms

$6,000 builds a whole wing of classrooms; help support the Zambian governments new idea of building secondary schools in the bush

Lukashya Trade School

Sponsor Student through Trade School- 1 Year

For $58 per month, you can put a person through a trade school so that in one year they are experienced enough to make a job for themselves.


Support School Solar

$55 lantern, $400 solar system, or
$400 cellphone amplifier system.
Electricity & Communication to Schools!

Donations may also be mailed via check made out to "Zambia's Scholarship Fund" with comment directed towards specific cause.
Please mail all checks to:

Zambia's Scholarship Fund
PO Box 515
Brigham City, UT 84302

Note all PayPal transactions cost a fee of 2.2%+$0.30.  Thus for every $1000 donation about $22 is kept by PayPal
For PayPal fee details see: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/donations

It is suggested for very large donations you contact us and mail a check directly.  Thanks!