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Zambia Scholarship Fund, Po Box 410212, Kasama,Zambia. The University of Zambia Registrar Officer P.O. Box 32379 Lusaka, Zambia 10101 Kasama College of Education Principal M. Mulundano P.O Box 410195 Kasama, Zambia Isoka High School Jacob Mabvuto P.O. Box 440070 Isoka, Zambia Chinsali District of Education James Mwanza P.O. Box 480098 Chinsali, Zambia Mbala District of Education Mrs. Alice N. Kamwi P.O. Box 420240 Mbala, Zambia Office of the President Northern Office Mwalimu Simfukwe P.O. Box 410 Kasama, Zambia Nakonde High School Eden Kasongo P.O. Box 430095 Nakonde, Zambia Mansa College of Education Mrs. Liseli Chanda P.O. Box 710391 Mansa, Zambia Katibunga High School P.O. Box 450137 Mpika, Zambia Provincial Education Officer Northern Province Justo Chishimba P.O. Box 410175 Kasama, Zambia
Director of High Schools in Zambia Tobias Mangani P.O. Box Kasama, Zambia Mpika District of Education Milimo Borniface or Kalumba P.O. Box 450141 Mpika, Zambia Kasama District of Education Margaret Phiri Mvula P.O. Box 410175 Kasama, Zambia Isoka District of Education Mrs. M. M. Sikabomba P.O. Box 440071 Isoka, Zambia Kasama Boy's High School Yassa Nsofu P.O. Box 410235 Kasama, Zambia Mungwi District of Education Reuben Kabwe Simukonda P.O. Box 48 Kasama, Zambia Malcom Moffat College of Education Ms. Georgina Sitali or Simpasa C Private Bag 1 Serenje, Zambia or Kenneth Kaunda School Mr. Sikanyika P.O. Box 480096 Mpika, Zambia The Principal COSETCO Mr. Mulenga Lupupa P.O. Box 20383 Kitwe, Zambia Lukashya Trades Institute The Principal Management Board Postal Agency Lukashya Kasama, Zambia The Registrar Mulungushi University P.O. Box 80415
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ZAMBIAN MOTIVATION reported by Doug Nielsen Foreign visitors to high schools and colleges in Zambia are always amazed at the seriousness and dedication of students and teachers in Zambia.  Both the students and teachers are motivated, not just for what education will do for their personal lives but also because they know their individual progress will help the country develop.  And as visitors get to know individuals better they find inspiration in their stories. One such story is that of Levy Chintibe.  Levy lost both of his parents but was determined to build a better life and help his country. He found ways to care for a younger sister while working as a teaching intern and in spite of many challenges he enrolled at Paglory College of Education in Kabwe, Zambia. I met Levy while visiting Zambia in 2010.  I found him to be friendly, intelligent, and very hopeful of becoming a teacher.  His determination caused me to promise him then that if he could get admitted to college I would sponsor his college tuition.  In 2011 he was admitted to college but just as he began his studies his aunt, who was helping him care for his sister, died and he had to leave college to care for her burial and his sister.  In Zambia students can only begin studies once a year in January.  So he had to sit out and wait a full year.  He began college ...